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REMINDER: Help Fight Childhood Cancer!

My good friend Artie Fredette – owner of Positively 4th Street in downtown Troy (right past the Post Office on 4th Street) – is taking it off for a good cause. And by that I mean he’s taking it all off.

…his hair, that is.

Artie is participating in “St. Baldricks“, a nation-wide effort to raise money for childhood cancer.

WHAT: Artie gets shaved bald!
WHEN: Sunday, May 18th 2008
WHERE: The Lark Tavern (453 Madison Ave., Albany NY)

You can donate online by clicking on that link. They also have a donation form you can download off the site, and an 800 number (1-888-899-BALD) for phone donations.

You can also make a donation at Positively 4th Street in downtown Troy, or the day of the event at the Lark Tavern. And don’t be fooled by that picture, kids – it’s a bit outdated. Artie currently has wondrous locks that rival those of Samson’s, and his head being shaved is NOT something to be taken lightly. In all the years I’ve known him, the man has never gotten a close-cut, let alone a wholly shaved noggin.

The goal is $2,000, and as of this writing they’ve raised $1,080. So help ’em out! It’s for a good cause.

More information about the nation-wide event and the organization raising funds for childhood cancer can be found by going to StBaldricks.org.

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