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May 15th- Podcasts, Obama Will Appease Hitler While Calling You Sweetie, Economic Stimulation, more

Firstly, for those of you using Podcatchers (eg. iTunes) for 4 Color Commentary, please let me know if it’s now uploading the correct episode for the most recent entry. We had an error in the RSS feed that I tried to fix several times, and last I checked early last evening the changes didn’t take in iTunes (even though the RSS feed itself is pointing to the right one).

As mentioned before, a new Living Under Marshall Law is in the can. It’ll be edited tonight and posted late tonight/early tomorrow morning. Promotional consideration provided by…

Barack Obama has taken offense to comments made by George W. Bush that compared the idea of “talking with terrorists and radicals” with Nazi appeasement. The White House has said the comments weren’t directed at Obama, who felt the comments were directed towards statements he’s made wherein he supports opening up dialogues with countries like Iran that the Bush Administration had previously declared “rogue nations”. And now there’s a pissing contest between various Democrats and the White House over who is offending Jews more.

Regardless, can’t we all just agree that comparing anyone and everyone we even remotely consider an enemy to Nazis is passe? I mean Christ, that’s SO internet message board circa 1998.

Oh, and the latest “controversy” is that Obama has a habit of referring to women as sweetie, which he insists isn’t a sign of disrespect. HOW CAN WE ELECT A MAN PRESIDENT WHO REFERS TO WOMEN AS SWEETIE?! Oh, and it appears what broke this story was a voicemail Obama left for the reporter he referred to as “sweetie” (he had also used the word to address a female factory worker) wherein he apologized for not getting back to her and also apologized if she felt disrespected by his use of the word.

The lesson: …don’t apologize?


Boy has this week dragged. There’s been some highlights – there were some particularly good books that came out yesterday (yes I’m a dork) – but other than that it’s been pretty uneventful. Not that I’m complaining, but it’s made things a little dull the past couple days.

Traffic has died down at the office, which has allowed us to stay super busy on various projects we need done. On the plus side, I’m now done with everything that needed to be done for the week. I think I’m probably going to take tomorrow off for my floating holiday (which needs to be used up by June 13th), since it’s the only day in the foreseeable future that I can be certain won’t require me to be here. Hooray for three-day weekends…if I do end up taking tomorrow off, that is.

I still haven’t received my Economic Stimulation, which has prevented me from writing a blog entry about how I was “stimulated” while employing the use various double entendres. It looks like I’m not the only one still waiting. For those curious (since they aren’t very forthright about it on the IRS website), even if you elected to have your refund and subsequently your stimulus payment credited to your banking account via direct deposit, they still need the minimum 4-6 weeks after you mail out your 1040 to process your return before they even get to the Stimulus payment. So if you were in the same boat as me, now you know where your $300 or $600 or whatever is.

Speaking of stimulation, today is Free Iced Coffee Day at Dunkin Donuts. I’d leave work after we close our doors to partake since it appears I will need caffeine of some sort at some point this afternoon. However, I know the wait’s going to be insane due to the promotion and the service at Dunkin Donuts locations in Troy – particularly the one on Hoosick Street – is hideous. The way I described it in a reply to another entry is that it’s as if all the employees at that location are really comedic actors portraying outrageously bad employees in a skit of some sort. So no iced coffee for me – free or not, it’s not worth that headache.

Bee tee dubs, Hayes Carll is the man. You must buy his new album “Trouble in Mind” immediately. I’m going to try to write a review of it to post to the LJ sometime soon.

More later…

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