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4/9/08 – Latest Podcasts; CBS’s “Secret Talents of the Stars”

TWO new podcasts for your listening pleasure.

In case you missed it in a previous update, there’s a brand-spankin’ new edition of the Living Under Marshall Law podcast with co-host Brian P. Dermody. Brian’s 30th birthday just passed, and as such we have a few special guests stop by to give their best. Also – the introduction of a new segment, Country Singin’ George Takei, a new Special Message for the Ladies, and Brian’s brief report on an IFL show he attended in Jersey (or “Joisey”).
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Also, new 4 Color Commentary comics podcast where we cover comics released last week. Secret Invasion, Harvey Pekar’s new volume of American Splendor, Steve and I going at it (kinda) over Wolverine, and more.
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Last night was the season premiere of CBS’s “Secret Talents of the Stars.” I was wholly disappointed by the apeing of the American Idol format. It was partially spoof – Brian McKnight played the Randy Jackson role almost to a T, Debbie Reynolds mocked Paula Abdul by hitting on everything male in the building including the gay competitor, and somebody I’ve never heard of was the heel Simon character but with terrible jokes and even worse analysis of the performances. Advancement to the semi-finals was earned by voting on CBS.com during the live broadcast.

Country Singin’ George Takei, the only reason to watch this abomination, did not advance. And I call SHENANIGANS.

Those of you who watched the show probably wouldn’t think anything of it. Clint Black’s stand-up, while corny, did contain some surprisingly good timing. Former Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen’s contortionist gig with members of the Shanghai Circus was something to behold if you’re a lonely male. And Maya’s tap-dancing was impressive…although considering her extensive training in tap, it was a bit out of place with the prevailing theme of other B and C-level celebrities performing out of their element.

George, however, was simply terrible. He wasn’t necessarly tone deaf, but he sang exactly how one would expect George Takei to sing and couldn’t stay with the beat to save his life.

HOWEVER, I’m still calling shenanigans for this reason: George Takei was on Star Trek and voting for the competition was done online. You mean to tell me that in an online voting contest pitting a star of the original Star Trek against Clint Black, Sasha Cohen and Maya – where the TOP TWO vote-getters advance – the online Star Trek Community couldn’t pad the online voting? That’s not just an improbable scenario, it’s ludicrous.

Regardless of the rigged “voting,” you’re better off passing on this show. I myself may only watch it again in two weeks when Ric Flair shows up to do some live salsa-dancing.



More later….

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