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4/8/08 – The NCAAs, DeGrassi, Battlestar Galactica, Dexter, Comic Trade Recommendations, and More

Firstly, a new episode of 4 Color Commentary – the Comics podcast I do with Steve Henel (dreg4life) – should be up late tonight or early tomorrow morning. So keep an eye out for that…if you’re into that sort of thing. If not, disregard it. See if I care!


I have to concede that despite looking like the weakest 1 seed coming into the NCAA tournament, Memphis has been amazing. As I write this, they’re starting to pull away from Kansas in the Championship game. It’s unfortunate that four number one seeds made it to the Final Four. Even though it’s the the first time in a long time if ever that’s happened in the NCAA Tournament, it’s still a bit anti-climatic. The appeal of the NCAAs for me is always the Cinderella(ish) teams making it. The tournament started off great in the first round, particularly that Drake/Western Kentucky game, but other than Davidson’s run it’s been kind of blah from the Round of 16 onwards.

As far as Kansas goes, I just didn’t want to give them credit for some reason. And no, I’m not just bitter because my bracket up and died after the Round of 16.

And now, some dork shit.

Firstly, we had the premiere of the DeGrassi: Spring Break movie on The N on Friday night. This “movie” was only an hour long, so essentially it was just a two-part episode. Most of it focused on stuff I had no idea was even happening (Spinner has cancer? Jay’s with Manny? WTF?). I’m also perturbed by the continued featuring of the Darcy and Peter characters in storylines, both of which are incredibly annoying and horribly acted (particularly Peter). But hey, new DeGrassi episodes are coming soon, so that should be good. We hope.

That same night was the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica. Gaius Baltar as Jesus is a stroke of genius, so much so that I was actually disappointed when they shaved his facial hair off and removed some of the more Christ-like imagery. I’m not as into the current storyline for Kara Thrace, if only because I get the sense we’re never going to get a full explanation as to exactly what happened to her.

I also spent a good chunk of the weekend blowing through season 2 of Dexter. It was great, to the point where my only complaint was things I wish they had done differently while not faulting them for going in the directions they went. I like that this show is able to provide some dramatic tension and get you invested in the characters while conceding that it’s an entirely goofy premise and, as such, never taking itself too seriously. A perfect example of this comes late in the season when Dexter engages in his homicidal ritual in the presence of another character (whom I won’t reveal for the sake of those waiting for Season 2 to come out on DVD), and the character’s reaction to it is reminds the audience that no matter how much the main character (whose eyes we see the story through) justifies what he does, it’s still really fucked up and reprehensible.

Over the past week I’ve blown through trades of Queen & Country by Greg Rucka and both volumes of Ed Brubaker’s Criminal (“Coward” and “Lawless”). I recommend all three, though Queen & Country comes with a higher recommendation in that it’s on a higher level of quality than almost anything else on the shelves right now. Great, great stuff.

Beyond dork stuff, I had a decent weekend. I got to spend some time with the girlfriend (she’s been bogged down lately with various papers and projects with her semester winding down), got a big amount of cleaning taken care of, and I finally fixed my vaccuum after it not working effectively for about three months. Turns out I just needed to unclog the suction tube, which would seem like an obvious solution to the problem but not for someone like yours truly. I’m pretty terrible with appliances.

SIDENOTE – Kansas came back to tie it up, and we’re in overtime with Kansas on an 18-3 run. Wow.

I also bought an enclosed litter box for Zoe (aka The Old Bitch) that she seems to have gotten used to. She’s finally gotten to the same point in her old age that many humans get to where they no longer give a fuck. In this instance, she was just kicking the litter everywhere and I was having to sweep it up at least once a day. I was concerned that after having the same open litter box for so long she wouldn’t be able to adjust, but after walking her through it she was fine. By “walking her through it”, I mean that literally she cried at me when she saw it and I had to walk over and show her that she could open the door. She looked up at me quizzically, let out a confused “meow”, gingerly stepped in, then did her business and came out a happier cat.

While shopping for the new litter box, I came across something that I found hilarious even if nobody else will:


I think what struck me as amusing was the idea that this was not a cover for the litter box, but rather a way for shy cats to get away from the hustle and bustle of the real world and get some “me time” in a tent. More importantly, though, is the cat poking out of the tent. The creature looks so at peace with himself or herself, as if finally after all these years s/he has reached a level of contentment usually reserved for Eastern philosophers, spiritual leaders, and cows.

And Kansas are your National Champions. Hurrah, I guess.

More later…

  1. April 8, 2008 at 4:05 am

    i watched the degrassi thing last night and felt the same way – with regards to catching up and all that shit.
    uhm, however, i hate ashley just as much as you hate emma.

    yeah, so there’s that!

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