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4/7/08 – New Podcast & Other Stuff

I guess I should do one of those…things. What’re they called again? Entries? I don’t know. It’s been so long since I’ve written one! It almost seems like I’ve just been spending more time on stuff I care more about. Strange, huh?

First things first, let’s go strictly bidness (as if any of this even remotely resembles a money-making venture):
– There’s a NEW episode of Living Under Marshall Law where we celebrate co-host Brian P. Dermody’s birthday. A couple folks pop their heads in to give their congrats (CRZ), suggest gifts (Mike Ryan aka LLakor), or threaten Brian (Steve), or insult him (you’ll have to hear it), or some odd combination of the three (Justin Shapiro). We also discuss Charleton Heston’s passing (we avoid the “cold dead hands” joke just because each of us had already heard/read the joke six times while Heston’s dead hands were still warm) and Country-Singin’ George Takei. You can find a link to the episode on the main site (KevinMarshallOnline.com), or you can check the RSS Feed (http://kevinmarshall.libsyn.com/rss), or you can search for the show in the iTunes Music Store (“Living Under Marshall Law”).
– New 4 Color Commentary will be up tomorrow night or Tuesday morning.


Anyway, things have been hectic lately. Work’s been very busy, and people need to stop…needing stuff. And screwing stuff up, too, as the nature of our office is that somebody a half-mile to a mile away screwing up and/or not paying attention to what they’re doing invariably means more work for us. Thankfully, it’s getting to that time of year where things MIGHT start slowing down. Here’s hoping.

Quick sidenote, my girlfriend’s still awesome.

Honestly, I meant to write an actual entry, but it’s 1:33am. Cut me some slack.

More later…

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