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4/4/08 – Podcast delayed, BS:G, The Ultimate Fighter, and more…

bpdermody and I both had stuff going on last night, so the release of this week’s episode will be delayed until Sunday night/Monday morning. I want to extend my thanks to those of you who sent in submissions for birthday messages for Brian, which’ll be used/read in the podcast. Keep a look out and I’ll keep y’all in the loop.

There isn’t a whole Hell of a lot to udpate on lately. Well, I suppose there is in the realm of politics/current events/what-have-you, but nothing in the life of yours truly that I can take the time to write about in a coherent manner. So instead, I’m going to write about the premieres of my two favorite shows while dozens of you completely tune out.

Tonight’s the premiere of “Battlestar: Galactica” Season 4. Four of the last five Cylon models were revealed on last season’s finale, and the big storyline this year is going to be the mystery of who, exactly, is the last Cylon (even though I personally am looking more forward to finding out why the Cylons thought they needed a Chubby Deckhand model). All indications are that the last Cylon will be someone who’s a regular character. My personal hunch – based on his sudden premonition of danger when the President decided to put Baltar on trial and the manner in which he confided it to her – is Tom Zarek. In fact, I’m so confident that I’d put money on it if I were the gambling sort.

Even though that all sounds Greek if you haven’t seen much (or any) of the show, trust me when I say this show is freaking great, even if you literally have to watch it from the beginning to understand a single line of dialogue coming out of the characters’ mouths.

Speaking of premieres, this week also saw a new season of The Ultimate Fighter. They shook it up a bit this season by bringing in 32 guys to the training facility and informing them that they were literally going to have to fight their way onto the show. This led to a one-round elimination with 16 fights to determine the actual final cast for the show. It’s a good concept, but if Dana and others think that they’re going to weed out the flakes and crazies by going this route, they have another thing coming. I mean, seriously, they’re in the industry (realistically in North America they ARE the industry though with EliteXC’s recent strides that could very well change). Is it news to them that approximately 20% of professional MMA fighters are batshit crazy? Because really, it shouldn’t be.

Anyway, I personally enjoyed the episode even though there was far less whackiness from the more character-oriented guys, though it didn’t completely disappear. Judging by the first episode, however, they might as well rename it The Quinton Jackson Show or Rampage in Charge, because this show is ALL him. And that sure as Hell isn’t a bad thing.

…man, I got nothing. Sorry guys, I’m wiped. I promise that one of these days I’ll write something worth reading. Seriously.

More later….

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