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3/23/08 – NCAA Bracket Update: End of Round 2 (Electric Boogaloo)

Firstly, a Happy Easter to any and all reading this, regardless of your denominational or religious upbringing. Well, I suppose if you’re not a Christian (or in my case at least have an immediate family that still somewhat identifies as Catholic/Christian) today means next to nothing to you, but I hope you had a good day Sunday at least.

To view my updated bracket – which includes all first and second round results – click here (as of 3/24/08).

My Bracket: Not a bad showing despite three first-round losses. North Carolina, Washington State, and Tennessee – my pick for the Region – are still in it. Unfortunately, they had the weakest showing of all the teams victorious in the 2nd Round (see below).
Highlights: Only Butler kept it close in the 2nd Round, almost upending Tennessee in a final minutes. Tennessee is a fairly common pick to come out of this Region, but North Carolina is – perhaps not surprisingly – looking scarily strong this year.

My Bracket: In a word, OOF. To call this bracket busted would be an understatement. With Georgetown losing to Davidson, I literally have nobody left in the field after only two rounds. *INSERT CUTESY FROWNY FACE*
Highlights: Davidson‘s upset win over 2 seeded Georgetown, which was a fairly decent game. Props to Davidson for overcoming an amazing 17 point deficit at one point. Siena fell apart against Villanova, which after their performance on Friday against Vandy was extremely disappointing. But they have no reason to bow their heads – though not the huge shocking upset win over Stanford in 1989, the team this year was the best Siena’s ever had, and the possibility exists that Fran McCaffrey is the best head coach they’ve ever had. The good news is, they really don’t lose anybody in the off-season barring any sudden transfers. The bad news is, as they learned with Louis Orr, it’s very hard for a small school to hang on to a good coach for very long.

My Bracket: Sorta busted. Memphis and Texas are still in it, but I had Pittsburgh upsetting Memphis and making it to the Final 4. Even if Texas can overcome Stanford, that’s gonna be it for this one.
Highlights: Mississippi State was almost the team to knock the consensus weakest 1 seed Memphis out of the tournament. In fact, all of the 2nd Round match-ups in this region were nail-biters with the exception of Michigan State handily defeating Pittsburgh (of course, since they were my pick).

My Bracket: UCLA, Xavier, and West Virginia are still in it. I’m fairly confident in my UCLA/Xavier Regional final, but that sure was a scare for UCLA.
Highlights: As mentioned, Texas A&M put the fear of God Agriculture and Mechanics into UCLA. San Diego may have whooped everyone’s brackets, but truly they were the trick being whooped by the pimp that is Western Kentucky. And HA HA, DUKE LOST.

More later…

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