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Podcast News, Weekend Happenings, Date Rapist Heaven, and more!

There’s updates concerning the podcasts. Check the main page of the website (KevinMarshallOnline.com for the details. In short: “Living Under Marshall Law” and “4 Color Commentary” are now considered two separate shows with two separate RSS feeds…meaning if you just want to listen to the comedy show Brian and I do (“Living Under Marshall Law”) and not the comics show Steve and I do (“4 Color Commentary”), or vice versa, now you can! Also, again, “Living Under Marshall Law” is in the iTunes music store. Subscribe, bitches!


I completely conked out on my bed at around 7:00pm Friday night and woke up at ridiculous hour on Saturday morning. I was wide awake for hours, to the point where I actually went grocery shopping at 5:00am. Which worked out fine, since I needed to pick some stuff up anyway. I actually managed to fall back asleep awhile after that, AND managed to finish watching “La Vie En Rose,” a film I’ve been trying to watch for about two weeks now but couldn’t for lack of time. I now have “Zodiac” as well, and that too is over two hours long…so I figure I’ll finish watching that sometime by my 30th birthday.

Saturday night I had dinner with Kelly D, Fr. Wetsel IN THE HIIIIIGHEST, and Chrissy & Gary. We went to a place in Schenectady called Katie O’Byrne’s, which came with rave reviews. Well, it literally took us an hour to be seated, and though they comped us for the long wait not only for the table but for the food itself, I ordered a grilled chicken breast sandwich that was burnt to a goddamn crisp. So yeah, stay away from that place.

Afterwards, I went home and got changed. My girlfriend and her friend wanted to go out, so they had me meet them at Club Date Rapist Tryst in Albany.

Seriously, the place was like a Date Rapist’s version of Heaven. Firstly, you walk into the place and the decor, color of the walls, and small open-space area made it seem less like a trendy night spot and more like someone’s living room. Second, on each side they lined the entire damn place with private areas that were basically beds with drapes in front of them. This not only severely limited what little space they have to work with, but also had the added bonus of allowing date rapists the convenience of not having to drag their victims back to their place.

Did I mention that right as I walked in the place, two girls who couldn’t have been any older than 19 were making out in one of the “private areas” with the drapes open while two disgustingly fat chubbos took pictures? You know, the kind that message your female friends on MySpace saying they’re “photographers” and would like to do a “shoot.” It was sort of a sad sight.

Even moreso than the six kids who walked in simultaneously with the Eurotrash Spike cut (also referred to as the “Growing Up Gotti” hairstyle though that belies the true origin of the monstrosity). And it tied with the two guys who walked into the place, by themselves, and danced in front of the DJ in a manner that I do when I’m trying to get a laugh. Good God, is that place awful.

Afterwards, we went to Jillian’s so that the girlfriend could meet up with a couple that’re friends of ours, one of whom was having a birthday. I walked in the door and ran into a group of people from Siena that I literally haven’t seen in at least four years. It was good to see them, though I spent most of my time talking to one person who told me something that completely floored me (in a good way) about a recent event in his life. So that was a definite plus.

Today I went to a meeting, recorded this week’s “4 Color Commentary”, and now…here I sit. And that was the weekend.


No, seriously, I don’t have anything else to write about. Check back with me tomorrow and I may be a bit more inspired.

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  1. March 10, 2008 at 4:01 am

    you saw a bunch of these guys, right?

    • March 10, 2008 at 4:25 am

      Except with blonde hair, no lip gloss, and not nearly in as good shape.

      • March 10, 2008 at 4:32 am

        oh damn. very sorry for your eyes, regardless

  2. March 10, 2008 at 3:54 pm

    I like how you capitalize “date rapist,” like it’s an official title.

    • March 10, 2008 at 5:27 pm

      It is. Dude from “Girls Gone Wild” has made a career out of it.

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