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Virginia Conclusion & Pictures of the Trip

It’s over a week late, but I’ve finally gotten around to sharing the rest of the Virginia experience with you all, and more importantly all the pictures snapped by my brother-in-law. Well, not all of them, since I had to spend a good amount of time getting them down to a manageable and viewable number. But first…

Okay, so where were we?

AH YES, the wedding itself.

Well, things went off very well. We got to meet a couple members of Bud’s (my mother’s new husband) family, namely his sister and one of his sons. They decided to keep it low key, which works since my mother was never one for pomp and circumstance to say the least. It was a nice ceremony, with a man named Dick providing music on a Casio. Unfortunately, he played “The Chicken Dance” at a very slow tempo, which confused and annoyed those of us who really wanted to get down with our bad selves by flapping our arms and clapping our hands.

The Deacon performing the ceremony. Oh boy. Well, during the ceremony itself, he was great. He stuck around afterwards and talked with a couple folks, which was fine and dandy. He ate some of the food. I saw nothing wrong with this, until about an hour and a half later when he was still there and eating a ridiculous amount even when it was only the closest family and friends that were still sticking around. Being from New York and in Virginia, however, I chalked it up to a combination of extended Southern Hospitality and thought that perhaps all of the Virginians there were close to him as part of his Church.

Then, however, the most fervent whispers were coming from the folks who even attended his Church. It’d been three plus hours, things were winding down and the numbers were dwindling. And yet, here was this guy – who despite his position in a Church was quite literally a stranger to everybody present – still hanging around and eating. He finally left a good amount of time after that, taking a good amount of food with him, and at that point there were literally only three people still there that weren’t either married that day or staying in the house.

Once he left, there was laughter and a good amount of shock at both how much he ate and how long he stayed. As one individual was remarking on it, they turned around to see him approaching our door on his cellphone. Apparently, he tried to start his car and broke the key off in the ignition. He had to call his parents to have them bring his other set of keys, which led to him sticking around for another hour. His parents arrived with the keys, he said his goodbyes again, and we breathed a sigh of relief.

Ten minutes later, he was back at the door and shamefully announced to the family that he had locked his keys in his car with it running. Unbelievable. So he goes outside with a wire hanger, and after twenty minutes we realize he’s still outside trying to navigate it. He was woefully unprepared to break into a car, so myself and my brother-in-law stepped outside to show him how we do shit in South Troy. He still wouldn’t give up the wire hanger, all the while alternately not understanding or straight up not listening to our suggestions. Joe finally took the hanger from him, and literally within five minutes of getting his hands on the wire hanger was able to get the car door unlocked and open. He thanked us, his parents thanked us, and his parents drove away.

Then he talked our ears off for twenty-five minutes outside (in the dark – and it was a little chilly especially for Virginia) about how he knows a guy from Syracuse, about how he is a big Mets fan, about how he’s been to New York City. You know, the sort of conversation that normally ends when it’s pointed out that we live nowhere near Syracuse or New York City, but this man would not be so easily tricked into making a polite and dignified exit.

Bud’s sister Sally remarked earlier in the evening that it was like a Stephen King novel. And surely, Deacon Dontleave would easily be on the New York Times bestseller list.

We left the day after (Friday) at about 8:20am. We originally planned to leave at 4:00am but that didn’t happen. The drive was 11 hours and after getting north of Westchester we ended up in the middle of the snowstorm that had terrorized the area in our absence. Thankfully, the conditions were not nearly as bad as some had exaggerated to us on our way there. They did get bad after we got back, with the slush freezing over into ice and sending my girlfriend’s car into a tailspin while she was on I-90. She called to insist we not hang out that night, which was fine because though I was confident I’d be fine I know from past experience that she would’ve just been freaking out the entire time I was en route to her apartment.

And that was the remainder of the trip to Virginia. Since then I’ve been super busy with nonsense, so much so that I don’t even feel like I wasn’t in work for a week. Thankfully, as noted before, the work week wasn’t so horrible as to match the dread I felt Sunday night in having to go back.


Some highlights from the trip in four separate slideshows (Photobucket.com).

ARRIVAL – Crossing the Chesapeake Bay and arriving at our destination in Portsmouth, VA.

VIRGINIA BEACH – Wednesday, late morning. We took the nieces to Virginia Beach, which this time of year was like walking around Lake George in the off-season. It was very weird going through the boardwalk, though it was worth it to have the kids see the shoreline.

AQUARIUM – Later that same day, we took the kids to the Virginia Aquarium.

THE WEDDING – Pictures of the ceremony itself and some other candid shots.

That’s all for now, folks. Keep readin’ and listenin’.

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  1. March 5, 2008 at 2:26 am

    I could have understood the deacon staying if he was trying to convert/get interest/gain members in his church…but not for that long.

    Welcome back!

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