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Down in Ol’ Virginny

I’m on a computer with a right “shift” key that sticks like nobody’s business, and as a result this may take much longer than it normally would. There’s a good chance, in fact, that after awhile I’ll give up in frustration and just post this when I get back.

We took off at about 6:00am, with the line of thinking that it would get us here early enough to get settled and also give the kids a chance to sleep for a good chunk of the trip. Seeing as how I wasn’t driving, I stayed up all night and decided to do the same.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way. I only ended up sleeping for two hours of the trip, and was utterly exhausted when I finally arrived. The drive up, with stops made and the route we took, was a hair over eleven hours. The nieces were great in the car, but man what a long drive.

Driving through Delaware was especially taxing. It’s now my least favorite state in this great country of ours (which unlike Michelle Obama I’m still not entirely proud of – take THAT political pundits). The State can be summed up by the appearance of one man, which can be described in four words: suit, tie, baseball cap. Oh, and there was also the sign for “Integrity Motors”, which – I shit you not – had a recreation of Christ on the cross in place of an actual letter “T”. Because nothing says integrity like invoking the name of Jesus Christ to sell used cars.

I think I ended up passing out roughly two hours after we arrived and sleeping through almost the entire night. We’ve been relaxing as much as we can, with the exception of this afternoon when we took the nieces to Virginia Beach to see the ocean and then to the Viriginia Beach Aquarium. It didn’t even occur to me until Davelyn (my sister) brought it up, but this was in fact my first time seeing the ocean. So that was an experience. I took a bunch of pictures throughout the day, which I’ll upload when I get home.

Virginia Beach itself was…odd. Since it was a Wednesday afternoon in mid-February, it was like visiting Lake George in its off-season, for those of you who will even remotely understand that reference. For those that can’t, imagine the largest tourist trap you can think of, and make it into a ghost town. The vast majority of the businesses were closed, particularly the ones that would be useful outside of tourism (eg. coffee shops). And yet, one of the few handful of stores that were open included one of those large gaudy souvenir shops that sell t-shirts that say stuff like “Curley for President” and for a small fee will magically put you and one or more of your loved ones back in a time machine to the days when the West was still unsettled with the exception of some gold mines and whore houses. Very strange.

Can I bitch about the Virginia Beach Aquarium for a moment? …too bad, I will anyway. It was cool and all, but they have two seperate buildings for the entire complex, and they’re literally a half-mile apart. Mind you, that’s not a terribly long walk, but it’s quite a chore with twin six-year-olds (especially when they get tired on the way back and you decide to have them take turns riding on your shoulders). It was like the Trail of Tears, except instead of marching to our doom we were going to check out an Aviary and a seahorse exhibit.

Again, pictures to be uploaded on Friday or Saturday.

Other than the minor annoyances described above and the perplexing decisions made by whomever designed the highways in and around the Norfolk area (what the fuck, 264), it’s been a good trip and a good break from my home area. With the exception of The Woman, whom I’m still missing a bit. Dawwwwwww.

Hope your week’s going as well as mine. Tomorrow’s my mother’s wedding to her beau, which will be conducted on-site in this very condo. Then it’s another 6:00am departure, except we’re thinking that I-95 will be our route back. Hell, even if it IS longer, it won’t feel as long since we’ll be able to go at least 55 the entire way. And we’ll avoid Delaware (sorry, Jay & Mark Briscoe, I just can’t man up enough to make that trek again).

More later…

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  1. February 21, 2008 at 3:56 pm

    I’m going to have to confirm you actually think that this is a great country before I take up a lynching party against you.

    Oh! Thank you Bill ORLY.

  2. February 22, 2008 at 12:22 am

    In the hopes that you get this before you take I-95, be sure to check for construction that may be going on prior to taking it. I got stuck going at less than a crawl for 3 hours on it, and trust me, it’s not pleasant.

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