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Since I can’t update the website from work, the correct link for the most current Podcast is:


Living Under Marshall Law – Talkin’ Stuff with BPD
DOWNLOAD & LISTEN NSFW – Contains some foul language. Living Under Marshall Law is BACK, BABY! Co-host Brian P. Dermody joins us to discuss the primaries, who we’re both endorsing for President, Mittens Romney, racism during the Super Bowl, advice for THE LADIES (and the gentlemen!) starting at around the 50 minute mark that must be heard to be believed, and much more. Then, towards the end, we ruin it all by wrapping it up with some brief wrestling talk because us dorks gotta roll like that. But hey, that’s not until the end, so this one’s got something for everybody!

PS – Site’s relaunched with a modified design. Check it out and post on the forums!

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  1. February 8, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    This is the moving van that was needed to deliver all of the lulz brought by this podcast.

    It had to make two trips.

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