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Shout-Outs for last Saturday, Pictures, Another New Icon, more

Firstly, I know I’m a total dork, but the new LJ icon (used for this post) made me giggle while I was making it.

Also, it was correctly pointed out that I’ve been remiss in not giving big ups for last Saturday. Firstly, I went to Mich’s birthday party at her apartment. There were hot bitches all around, and some exciting revelations as well. Afterwards was svexsal‘s birthday party. ‘Twas also a lot of fun.

And now, pictures (in chronological order):

Mich ruins another Sears family portrait.

Someone at Mich’s revealed that she’s really freaked out by midgets/dwarves/little people. As in, if she sees them in person, she screams. So we took this picture right in front of her.

Ed found this doll in Sally’s closet while retrieving his jacket. It demanded a photo.

Kevin Marshall stars in the remake of “Giant” (coming Summer 2009)

I was totally going to go to bed directly after tonight’s episode of “Celebrity Rehab”, but that didn’t happen. Poopy.

I promise to post something halfway decent once I stop being so goofy and distracted.

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  1. January 26, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    I remembered!

    Happy birthday! (2 days out of 3 ain’t bad, huh?)

    ps- I miss you! Come hang out in Boston with me!

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