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Strep & Katherine Heigl (unrelated, I assure you)

Q: What’s fun, exciting, and a great way to spend your afternoon?
A: Certainly not spending it at On-Call.

So the past several days I’ve had a problem with my throat. Hurting when I swallow, and once in awhile it would just stay sore and I’d feel it even if I wasn’t swallowing.

At about 2:00pm today, I was at work and decided to go in to have it looked at. Since we’re talking Kevin Marshall here, that meant I went into the bathroom for three minutes and took a look at the back of my own throat. There was definitely noticeable swelling on the left side and white spots towards the back of the throat. The pain certainly wasn’t unbearable, but it’d gotten to the point where it was annoying and had prevented me from sleeping last night. The kicker was when I felt the left side of my throat sort of close up from the swelling.

For those wondering why I didn’t just go to my Primary Care Physician, it’s because I’m terrible when it comes to going to the doctor and as such, even though as far as my insurance company is concerned the guy’s been my PCP on and off for over two years, I’d have to be treated as a new patient.

So I drove to the On-Call. Surprisingly, the wait in the waiting room at least wasn’t too bad. It was waiting between having the initial readings/swabbing done, having the doctor come in, having the bloodwork done, and having the doctor come back that took forever and a day. When the first nurse saw me, she made a comment something along the lines of “wow, those are some big tonsils you have there.” I was hoping it was a pick-up line, but then the Doctor treating me also commented on it.

Okay, maybe it still was. But it’s going to take more than a six-figure annual salary to make me jump that fence. High sevens, minimum.

So at first he ruled out strep because the throat swab came back negative, but noted that it could still be Strep since it’s not uncommon for the throat swab to miss it. However, my bloodwork came back negative for anything else (particularly mono), and my throat swelling and being infected indicated a bacterial infection of some sort. So it’s either Strep or some other form of infection, which either way would be treated with the same medication.

So…long story short, I have Strep or the rough equivalent. Bummers. But I don’t have mono SO YAY.

While at CVS to pick up my prescription, I picked up the latest issue of “Vanity Fair.” You know, I really dug Kathryn Heigl in “Knocked Up,” but I’ve turned a corner on her. The complaining about how “Knocked Up” was sexist and she regrets doing it is a bit much. I mean, c’mon, she didn’t have a problem with it until just now? Was she not present when she was delivering the lines for her character? Or did Judd Apatow blackmail her into doing the film? Talk about perplexing.

Besides, I really didn’t see the same movie that she and other people I’ve heard complain about it saw. I saw a chick who got drunk, got pregnant, and gave the dude a chance even though he was a perennial loser and came across as totally unthinking at times (even if her character was portrayed as just a little too demanding/bitchy in certain moments). Idunno, in that movie I saw a lot of give and take in terms of character flaws by both sides of the fence. And that was kind of the point – after all, we see Seth Rogen’s character go through a dramatic transformation in terms of maturity and responsibility, which is part of the morale of the film. It wasn’t Judd Apatow saying “look at how fucking crazy women are and how mean they are to guys all the time.”

It’s good to see that she’s making up for the horrible, awful stereotypical sexism on display in “Knocked Up” by appearing in a new film that appears from the previews at least to be yet another in a long line of “always a bride’s maid and never a bride FROWNY FACE 😦 😦 😦 and happiness can only be achieved through marriage” romantic…comedies, if you can call them that.

So Katherine Heigl – I love ya, doll, but what the fuck.

More later…

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  1. January 10, 2008 at 5:14 pm

    You totally beat my illness. I’m not infected with any thing….yet.

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