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We’re at the Point Where Desperation Rears its Ugly Head

Firstly, courtesy of bpdermody, we get this disgusting banner from the fine folks at NBC:

This makes a few things readily apparent.
1. The fact that NBC has been the broadcast network most dramatically affected by the strike in terms of ratings has driven them to desperate measures.
2. The next several months for NBC is going to make the year they slipped into fourth place amongst broadcast networks for the first time in history a couple years back seem like the good old days. The in-laws of GE executives currently occupying the board rooms at NBC will sit their children on their lap and tell stories about when their network wasn’t losing the ratings war to “WWE Smackdown,” “The Jamie Kennedy Experiment,” and reruns of “One Tree Hill.”
3. As suspected, “My Name is Earl” and “Las Vegas” are written not by paid writers, but by the 12-year-old sons and nephews of the shows’ producers.
4. NBC is banking on HOWIE MANDEL~! to save them.

Secondly, we are finally seeing the affects of the Writers’ Strike on Hollywood. NOTE – poor LeVanna, whom I linked to the travesty that is the film “Meet the Spartans,” is currently going through the stages of grief and is perpetually stuck on the “denial” stage. Okay, it’s far from the first retarded, inept, lazy, doesn’t-look-funny-in-the-least “parody” film to be released. But seriously, they’re re-using the same “say hello to my little friend *reveal midget*” joke that’s been used thousands of times before. When a joke that was that bad the first time is still being used after all these years, that means the writers are out to lunch. On the picket line.

And again, twelve-year-old sons and nephews. Only explanation I can give for the existence of this movie, let alone who would’ve actually written it.

I didn’t go to work today. But at least I got laundry done.

More later…

  1. January 8, 2008 at 2:20 pm

    heeyyyy, the first season of My Name Is Earl was good.

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