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Random stuff and UFC 79 Preview

I can’t decide if the lack of human interaction at work is a good thing considering my mood of late or is actually just another factor preventing me from bouncing back as quickly as I had anticipated.

Went to a friend’s place for movie night last evening. All was well – Steve brought “The Battle for Endor” with him, and we had a lot of fun ridiculing Wilford Brimley until people got tired of it and it became a Wii night. Which was fun, but unfortunately I had to cut out at around 10:00pm after the two and a half hours of sleep I was operating on finally caught up with me.

Tonight they’re going to see the new Alien vs. Predator sequel, which I didn’t even know existed until they said they were going to see it. I had to pass, because a.) I’m still a bit of a crumudgeon right now, b.) despite 7+ hours of sleep last night I’m still dragging here at work, and c.) I’ve become so pretentious and movies have become so expensive that a movie really has to go out of its way to justify the time, effort, and money I invest in it.

I still, however, really want to see “No Country for Old Men” (the movie). I still haven’t even started the book, though, so that might wait another week unless I have one of those moments where I go home and read a book straight through in one sitting for two or three hours. The likelihood of that happening right now, though, is very slim. So I might, sadly, have to wait until it’s released on DVD before I can bask in all the Coen glory.

Hey, UFC 79 is this weekend.

Matt Hughes vs. Georges St. Pierre For the interim Welterweight Championship. With Serra going out due to a severe back injury sustained about a month ago during training, this has been pushed up to the main event. Hughes, like him or not, is going to go down as probably the greatest Welterweight in UFC history. But St. Pierre’s just too goddamn good right now, coming out of a fight where he avenged his shocking KO loss to Matt Serra by going out of his element and smothering Josh Koscheck for three rounds just to prove that he can.
Chuck Liddell vs. Wanderlei de Silva This fight would’ve been the biggest fight in UFC history if it were held three years ago. Scratch that – even a year ago it would’ve been huge. Now it’s Liddell, who showed his age when he was knocked out by Quinton Jackson and lost a decision to Keith jardine, against another one of those Pride guys that everyone believes now to be nothing more than hype. Wandy hasn’t had a fight in quite awhile, and his dominant days as the “Axe Murderer” are probably behind him. Although Vegas has Liddell as the favorite, considering the past two years this fight’s a tough one to call. My gut says Liddell simply because there are few fighters whose game is affected more by the difference in rules between North America and Japan than de Silva.
Lyoto Machida Vs. Ramy Sokoudjou “He’s another Houston Alexander,” say people who think that Keith Jardine and Alessio Sakara are anywhere near the level of Antonio Rogerio Nogueira and Ricardo Arona. I don’t care if something does happen and I end up eating my words: Sokoudjou is for real. And don’t be fooled by Machida’s unbeaten record: his last few fights have been terrible and his only notable wins all came three or so years ago – against an inexperienced Stephan Bonnar, the vastly overrated Rich Franklin (at a time when Franklin wasn’t as good as he eventually became), and a way out of his weight class BJ Penn. SUH… SUH… SOKOUDJOU!
Rich Clementi Vs. Melvin Guillard
Soa Palelei Vs. Eddie Sanchez
Luis Cane Vs. James Irvin (dark)
Nate Mohr Vs. Manny Gamburyan (dark) GET ‘IM, MANNY!
Jordan Radev Vs. Dean Lister (dark)
Roan Carneiro Vs. Tony DeSouza (dark) If the name looks familiar, Tony’s the caveman-looking fella that was BJ Penn’s assistant coach for season 5 of “The Ultimate Fighter”
Mark Bocek Vs. Doug Evans (dark)

More later…

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  1. December 31, 2007 at 2:07 am

    I hope Machida got a gift receipt, because after last night he officially owned Soko.

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