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A story for the sake of a visual aide; finding sarah’s money

At the moment I sat in the front seat of my car this morning after scraping all the ice and frozen snow of the damn thing, my cellphone rings. It’s my sister.

Mind you, THE MOMENT I was just about to put the thing into drive to head into work.

She asks if she can have the car for the day. Turns out something went kablooey with her windshield wipers, and she needed to get it fixed. So I picked her up at the garage she takes it to (same guy I go to), drop the niece off at school, and drive to my work and bid a tearful goodbye as my sister drives off in The Chariot.

Back by popular demand, a visual aide of the scene described:

And of course, she got stuck in traffic, so I was at work until about 7pm. The awful part is that I really do only live about four blocks away, but it was so damn cold out and I wasn’t doing a damn thing when I got home anyway. So why not wait, right?

It came back with a filthy windshield as I was informed that I was out of wiper fluid. Certainly not an interesting story, but I put The Chariot into the hands of another. Don’t ever say I don’t sacrifice.

Nothing else to blog about. Except for this text message exchange, which occurred over the course of a half-hour on Saturday with some stranger. It came up as a 917 number; certainly nobody on my contacts list. The exchange verbatim, as it appeared on my phone (in other words spelling errors are intentional):

917: “Ther is somthing on the wing”
Me: “Who is this? Shatner, is that you?”
917: “Lol no its sarah”
*three minutes pass*
917: “Do u know if evryone has my money bc i dont have any now”

I responded with “I think you got the wrong person”, because I was in Price Chopper picking up some things for Greg & Andrea’s holiday gathering and didn’t want to drag it on too long. I SHOULD have:
– Texted back “FUCK your money”
– Texted back “We ALL have your money, Sarah. Have fun getting it back.”
– Called her and pretended to know her, just so I could find out what the fuck this stranger was talking about.

Another lost opportunity. C’est la vie.

More later…

You’ve changed things. Forever. There’s no going back. See, to them, you’re just a freak…like me!

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  1. December 18, 2007 at 4:47 am

    i had someone text me last month around thanksgiving and for some reason, it really irks me not knowing who the fuck it is. it’s like i MUST know or else something is missing. they said they had the wrong number but i think that when it comes to text messaging, the odds of that are less likely and thus, stupid.

  2. December 20, 2007 at 6:11 am

    So… from the picture… you’re saying you’ve become Amish?

    OMGz I’m tellin the interwebs that ur totally using the interwebs bcuz ur not spsed to use electricity!@!1! LMAO

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