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See what happens when Kevin Marshall is overtired and decides to write an LJ entry! Also, a meme.

I know that all of you, dear readers, yearn for more postings to Ye Olde LiveJournal. Some of you might even be missing the articles on KevinMarshallOnline.com, and at least two of you are dying for new editions of Living Under Marshall Law.

I won’t give excuses other than to say “man, November’s been a crazy month.” Some crazy good, some crazy bad, one week of crazy sick. I could tell you that next week I’m going to really hunker down and provide you all with the content that you aren’t really demanding. But let’s be honest – as much as we hate to admit it, and as many of us groan at the sight of premature house decorations and Christmas songs on the radio, it’s the holiday season. A busy time for all, and I’m certainly no exception.

That being said, I am going to try to at least write an entry with some semblance of relevance, whether it’s to all the bullshit we’re watching on television/reading in the newspaper or what exactly I’ve been up to lately.

Until that time, we have a meme.

bpdermody, a true Renaissance man and good host while in New York who was also gracious enough to provide content for the website this week, saw it in his heart to tag me in a meme. And it’s actually an interesting meme, and not one of those bullshit “name six things that start with the third letter of your last name” or “insert the word COCK into your favorite TV shows lol” or “post this and find out who wants to get in your britches.” It’s an honest-to-goodness attempt at providing an easy structure by which we can reveal a little bit about ourselves.

And, with that said, we are off to the races.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-BEGIN MEME-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

B to tha P to tha mutha truckin’ D writes: “(T)he deal is that I write seven facts about myself and then tag seven people down below and they write seven things about themselves. Because obviously we don’t talk enough about ourselves on our blogs.”

1. I’m being honest when I say that I don’t want children. Thing is, I want to have children at some point in my lifetime, but only under the condition that I can provide them with everything I feel they could and would deserve. The impossible standard I’ve set more or less guarantees I won’t have children despite good friends of mine trying to talk me out of that stance.

2. 75% Irish, 12.5% English, 12.5% Austrian. And despite the overwhelming Irish influence in both my genetics and upbringing, the one country I want to visit more than any other is England.

3. Mentally and emotionally, I’m twice the man I used to be and not even one quarter of the man I want to be.

4. “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles is my favorite song of all time and the only song I have never become tired of hearing.

5. I’m terrible when it comes to determining whether or not a woman’s interested in me.

6. Now that I have spent the past year plus facing down my own, I find it very difficult to confront others on their self-destructive behaviors without feeling like a gigantic hypocrite. So I don’t.

7. I prefer Chinese food to most anything else.

The Chosen Seven, alphabetical so that nobody construes it as attaching preference in the order:



-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=END MEME=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

More later…

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  1. November 30, 2007 at 8:35 pm

    You might want to choose an alternate for me.

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