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Get Down with the Sickness

Okay, yes, I do know you can’t get a cold from standing out in the cold. What that does do, however, is lower your immunity.


7:00am – Woke up. Still sore and congested. Took a Sudafed (non-drowsy) and laid back down.
7:45am – Alarm goes off. I call my supervisor to let her know it ain’t happening today.
8:15am – Finally fell back asleep.
10:30am – Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head (dummm dummm dummm dum)
10:45am – Checked e-mail, read a bit of Good Omens (another book that I started reading and then neglected for many days).
11:30am – Took another Sudafed. Laid down to do some reading and passed out.
2:30pm – Woke up again. Bummed around the house. Did a little bit of cleaning (picking up) in the living room.
3:00pm – Ran to the store for some more medicine. While out, also picked up a cup of coffee.
5:30pm – Passed out in bed again while doing some reading.
8:10pm – Woke up. Took a shower figuring the hot water would do something for my congestion. It did. Mission accomplished.
8:30pm – Was so bored I had Borat leave a voice message for The Warrior on her cellphone (http://borat-book.varitalk.com/).
9:00pm – Realized I needed cash for laundry tomorrow; hit the corner store for its ATM and some orange juice.
9:30pm – Turned on the TV and started watching “The Salt N Pepa Show”. Turned off the TV when I realized I was watching “The Salt N Pepa Show”.
9:50pm – Started writing this thing.

Moral of the Day’s Events: Being sick is so totally shitty and boring. It’s shittier than Shitty McCrapperson (Shittiest Man in the World) playing in a field of manure…housed on Shitty Farms, source of approximately 60% of the world’s Shit.

I almost fell out of my chair yesterday at work when I realized that Thanksgiving was next week. Holy crap. I’ve been charged with bringing pies to my sister’s house. My sisters insisted I just get the pies from Price Chopper rather than make an attempt to bake them myself. They know me too well.

Oh, and I dropped off the resume and writing samples to The Record yesterday afternoon. And now we wait.

More later…

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