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If you haven’t already, check out the website for a special Halloween edition of the podcast.

Today’s work soundtrack:
– The Beatles: “Love”
– Fields: “Everything Last Winter”
– UNKLE: “War Stories” (for closing activities)

New York City:
– The Big Apple
– The City That Never Sleeps
– “Birthplace of Michael Jort-in” – Jay-Z

Sweet Jesus did this week drag. I talked to Tory (Queen of Whore Island) earlier today on the phone, and she’s had the same type of week and came up with this WHACKY theory about how last weekend was supposed to be Daylight Savings Time but it wasn’t and now we’re all maladjusted. But no, I’m thinking that for me personally, a lot of it has to do with wanting to just get to the weekend and New York City.

I’m anticipating it being pretty therapeutic. I think, more than anything, I need to get the Hell away from this area in general just to clear my head…even if it is just for a couple days (I arrive Friday night and go back Sunday late in the afternoon/early evening).

Other than going to see Ring of Honor Saturday night, maybe checking out Luke Cummo’s whacky Truther health food store earlier that same day, and spending Sunday with my brother, I really don’t have an itinerary. Oh, and I’m walking from Penn Station and meeting Whory Tory somewhere for dinner. But that’s about it.

Author’s note – I almost left that last sentence as “But that’s bouty-bouty” as an homage to Master P, even though I hate his ass.

I could pretend that I did that on purpose (leaving everything up in the air), but really, it was purely by accident and not by any design. That being said, though, it’s filling up pretty quickly – so if you had any designs of trying to meet up with me at some point this weekend, it’d be a good idea to give me a call sooner rather than later.

I’m think I’m going to go lie down on my couch and be braindead for a bit.

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  1. November 2, 2007 at 3:13 am

    When the hell is daylight savings time, anyway?

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