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Site Updates (or Lack Thereof), the Yankees, and Comics

Some notes about the website – a new podcast will be recorded either tonight or tomorrow, depending on Dreg’s schedule. It’s 11:30pm and he’s not home yet. He keeps talking about “play rehearsals,” but I know he’s just out slutting it up on the streets of Troy. The DeGrassi Podcast may be delayed another week or two, though that might work out for the better if the airings of the past few “new seasons” on The N are any indication (where they show two new episodes, then two weeks of reruns, then one new episode, then three weeks of reruns, etcetera).

I’m going to try to get an article up, hopefully two, by the end of the week. I just have to find the motivation and the inspiration to write in a halfway decent manner about something. Anything. At all.


And anybody who didn’t see that coming when they saw “Game 4 starter: Roger Clemens” has an obvious learning disability. The Yankees are plagued by complacent millionaires, a team owner who was already crazy since the ’70s loosening his already tenuous grip on reality, and a GM that makes deals for household names in lieu of good players. And boy, that A-Rod sure did prove us wrong by not coming through in the clinch!

The fallout for the collapse against the Indians (just because they weren’t swept doesn’t mean it’s not a collapse, folks) is that Cashman has already said if Rodriguez opts out the Yankees aren’t going to make an offer, and Torre’s most likely gone.

As far as A-Rod is concerned, good riddance. The early rumblings of him not pulling through in big situations and being difficult to motivate proved to be prophetic. As far as Torre is concerned, I have the utmost respect for the man and everything he did to reinvigorate the franchise in the 90s. That being said, nothing lasts forever, and a new direction is needed.

Unfortunately, all of these will be the right sort of changes done for all the wrong reasons. What I feel in my gut needs to happen is for them to re-invent the wheel as far as the team is concerned and start up from scratch. I’d even go so far as to say they should drop a good majority of the 30+ guys they have on their roster now and just use next season as a rebuilding year; keep Jeter around as Team Captain, and the younger guys like Melky and Cano. Get rid of guys like Bobby Abreu who are obviously slightly past their peak and aren’t going to be huge difference-makers in even one year’s time, let alone two. It’d be great if they’d just admit that for all the money they’ve spent, it hasn’t made a lick of difference and the only thing they can do now is press the reset button.

Unfortunately, Steinbrenner’s modus operandi has always been “I want a championship and I want it RIGHT FUCKING NOW.” As a result, we’ll get Torii Hunter in the offseason and halfway through they’ll bring back the legendary old pitcher to come out of retirement and reinvigorate the clubhouse (Oil Can Boyd), and us fans will be left once again with a team that used to be unbeatable in the postseason not even getting past the ALDS.

Ah well. What’s that old mantra? There’s always next season. At least we’re not the Mets.


I’m going to start reading comics again. Why the fuck not.

Black Adam #1 & #2: Ole Anderson once said that the best heels in professional wrestling are the ones that are able to (in character) justify their actions, no matter how heinous, and accurately convey that justification to the audience even if the audience disagrees. Well, he didn’t put it quite so eloquently, but the point is that I believe that’s true for any villain in any form of entertainment. It’s why I’ve loved Black Adam ever since Geoff Johns first took over the reigns of JSA. Under his guidance, Adam became a sort of anti-hero that was eventually revealed to be a true villain. However, HE doesn’t think he’s evil, and even when he does questionable things he doesn’t question himself in terms of what it means in the grand scheme of things. I was a bit disappointed when I heard this series wasn’t being written by Johns, but Peter J. Tomasi (who in my ignorance I can’t recall ever hearing of before this series) does what I think is an excellent job. It’s post-52, and one year later Black Adam’s wife is still dead, he’s still gone from being a God-like savior for his homeland to a pariah who will be killed on the spot if recognized, and he’s still powerless as a result of Captain Marvel changing the word that grants Teth-Adam his powers. Refusing to accept defeat, he embarks on a journey to regain his powers and bring his lost love back to life. In the process, we discover that even without the powers, Teth-Adam is evil to the core and still one of the most dangerous human beings on this or any Earth. Highest Recommendation.

JLA/Hitman: On the Darkside #1 & #2: A two-issue miniseries featuring Tommy Monaghan, a.k.a. Hitman (though he certainly doesn’t refer to himself by any codename), written by Garth Ennis and pencilled by John McCrea. I had no idea this was even happening, and when I saw it on the shelf I said “Holy shit, self, you HAVE to pick this up.” I was a huge fan of the character and the series when I was still into comics, and I was ridiculously bummed when I got back into them momentarily and found out it had been cancelled (along with “Starman” which was the only other book I read religiously at the time I was reading “Hitman”) and the character killed off at the end of the series’ run. The story unfolds in the form of a flashback, as Clark Kent tells a journalist/writer the tale of the time the Justice League of America was forced to team up with the man who Batman considers nothing more than a mass murderer. Ennis is the only guy I know of that can maintain the delicate balance of parodying superhero ideals while simultaneously exuding a very real respect and love for them, and he continues that in this miniseries. And the end of the second issue almost made me freaking cry, which is sad in and of itself. Highest Recommendation if you were ever a fan of the character.

More later…

  1. October 10, 2007 at 1:13 pm

    Mmn…comics. I have to go pick up my subscriptions this week.

    You know, I don’t think I know who your favorite baseball team is. If you have one.

    • October 10, 2007 at 1:18 pm

      The Yankees. In theory.

      What’re you subscribed to?

      • October 10, 2007 at 9:21 pm

        Oh yeah. I knew that about you. I just forgot.

        The kind of stuff you suspect a “on-again-off-again” comic kid to be into. And, uh. Some one who likes Whedon.

        Actually, technically, I only subscribed to the new season of Buffy. (They had this really fantastic interlude, nothing to do with the on-going plot, but with one of the Buffy decoys alluded to on ‘Angel.’ Currently they’re doing a Faith the Vampire Slayer storyline and…eh.) But I’ve picked up some Runaways that Whedon wrote. And 30 Days of Night….erm. I forget the subtitle to the issues I’m buying and I’m too lazy to find out. But IM if curious.

        (Side note: I am sooo not looking forward to the movie. And I’ll probably pay to see it anyway.)

        I really, really, like Runaways and will probably buy one of the graphic novels when I get a chance.

        Certainly looking for any thing else to jump on, as always.

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