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Tons of News! (KevinMarshallOnline.com)

KevinMarshallOnline.com updates!

I’ve been hard at work – well, not really – making some updates and changes to the website. Minor stuff, but important stuff.

* The forums for the site are still being worked on. I’m playing around with the format provided by my host. Let’s just say…it’s a little too ghetto for even my simple tastes, and unfortunately I ain’t that great at coding. I’ll keep everyone updated, and in the meantime feel free to let me know and/or shoot me a line if you have suggestions of where to host it.
* RSS feeds are now available for the podcast and all articles posted to the website!
Articles RSS feed: http://kevinmarshallonline.com/tinc?key=gVtcqWFm
Podcast RSS feed: http://kevinmarshallonline.com/tinc?key=mghFSVbD
Simply to go the respective sections of KevinMarshallOnline.com to also get the Atom feed, as well as links to subscribe using RSS, Atom, Newsgator, Rojo, and/or Pluck. There’s also syndicated LJ feeds set up, so feel free to add marshallpodcast and kmoarticles to your Friends list.
* I’m all but finished with a new article. I’ll finish and post it as soon as I have a free moment at home.
* The podcast should be available soon in the iTunes music store.
* A new edition of the “Living Under Marshall Law” podcast will be posted late tonight or tomorrow reviewing the second episode of “The Ultimate Fighter 6” as well as a brief discussion of an ECW program so uneventful and bad that we only got through fifteen minutes of it before realizing that there was no way we could devote an entire podcast to it. Our co-host for this program will, of course, be dreg4life.
* Ed will be the co-host for the “Battlestar Podcastica” editions of “Living Under Marshall Law”. The first installment will be done sometime before the start of Season 4 or after I get through Season 3, whichever comes first. So keep an eye out for that.
* One week from Friday (October 5th) is the season premiere of DeGrassi…which means I’ll be starting installments of “The DeGrassi Diaries” on the podcast. The co-host has been confirmed, and it’s none other than my very own sister, Bridget. It should be a blast, and trust me when I say that you will LOVE it.

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