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Of Brakes and Cellphones

Doing laundry today was fun. It’s always fun to drop $14 and change just so you can have clean clothes.

Speaking of dropping money, I went to Midas earlier this week to get new brake pads and shoes put on. Man, are they ever slick, or so they think.

See, the thing is that I got the car inspected back in April. At that time, they ran a full diagnostic and said that everything was fine, I just needed to get new brakes within the next thousand miles. I originally intended to get them in June, but I kept putting it off to the point where in the past couple weeks, I started getting a lot of squealing. Not good.

So I take it to Midas. Normally I’d take it to the guy I usually go to, but he’s so damn busy that I’d probably have the drop the car off for a day or two. It hardly seemed worth the wait when I know exactly what needs to be done.

So I bring it in, they take a long look at it, and they run a “full check” on my brake system. They come up with this big story about how the entire front and rear brake system needs to be replaced – a complete overhaul. They say the reason I’m having so much wear on my front brakes is because the rears are shot. You know, I meant to tell them that I needed new brakes anyway, and maybe it’s better that I didn’t since I could hear that specific excuse for the squealing. Then they showed me stuff like areas where there isn’t rust, saying that it’s due to damage being done by faulty brakes. Nevermind the fact that it’s just a bare spot on the metal that isn’t rusted or dirty. They run through a gamut of problems, including saying I need a new brake line because of “crystalline build-up” in the line. Which…wow, that’s incredible that it could build up THAT much in a few months (the service I had run in addition to the inspection a few months back would have picked up on it if that were the case). So they said, all told, I need over $800 in work.

So I tell them I can only afford this and this and that, and I sort of fuck with them rather than reveal that I suspect they’re completely full of shit. So I just had the new pads and shoes put on, and I said I’d likely see them in the next couple weeks for the rest of the work (but not really).

If that wasn’t enough, I had a bit of a scare with my cellphone yesterday afternoon and into last night. I meant to write about that with last night’s entry and somehow it completely escaped me. It started around 6:30pm, when I was still trying to round people up and coordinate the trip to Jillian’s for the UFC. I get notification that I have voicemail, which is weird since I didn’t hear my phone ring. I try to check it…no luck. I open the phone and it just displays the screen that shows when you put the phone volume all the way to “Silent All.” No other buttons on the keypad will work except “End,” meaning I could literally turn it on and off and that was it.

So I look online, and there’s only one Sprint store in the area that could help me – in Crossgates. I tried calling them twice and got no answer. I drove up to Crossgates (and on the way there hydroplaned for the first time – wheeeeeee!), get there around 8:50pm, a guy takes a look at the phone and says that unfortunately, all of the technicians have already left for the day. Which…you know, I was understanding, but Jesus – they didn’t answer their phone so I could find this out in advance, and the place was fucking dead so there really wasn’t any reason for them not to answer.

So I go to Jillian’s and hope for the best. I meet Dave there, and he asks about the phone. He takes a look at it, and gives it back to me. As he’s saying something, I press the volume button again. I had suspected earlier that it was simply stuck for whatever reason, but nothing I did fixed it. I tried again, and VOILA – once again I have a working phone. I will credit Dave Bro’s magic touch. If it ever happens again, Stan Bush’s “The Touch” needs to play in the background.

So yeah, all that because the “lower volume” button was stuck and had trouble getting unstuck. It means I probably need a new phone soon. I got something in the mail a week ago from Sprint saying that if I renewed now for two more years (which I plan on doing anyway), I’d get a $100 credit on my account in addition to money towards a new phone. Now I can’t find that mailing, so I’m going to call during the week and hope it didn’t expire or some shit like that.

Let’s see…what else…

…I got nothin’.

More later…

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  1. September 24, 2007 at 5:34 pm

    If “The Touch” plays, you should probably set your phone down because who knows what it’s going to transform into.

    • September 24, 2007 at 6:09 pm

      Then Judd Nelson’s voice will come out of it and I’ll have some REAL problems.

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