Okay, so the promised LJ entry last night didn’t happen. You have my full permission to make a federal case out of it if you so desire.

Tonight was spent at Jillian’s for UFC 76. Awesome, awesome event that I’ll write about (on my website) sometime tomorrow. With a single exception, every fight on the card was absolutely amazing and all but one went the distance…and even that didn’t end until very late in the third. I was joined by Ed, Dave Bro, and chrusty. Those who missed us, you truly missed out.

Then Ed and I ran into our buddy Jason to celebrate his birthday. We didn’t hang out terribly long, which was due to it becoming a very late hour. Everybody wish Jason a happy birthday and pray he gets through the night without destroying anything (else).

I’ve been getting questions about the new website (KevinMarshallOnline.com).

What Prompted This?
In all honesty, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and something I did do to an extent before the creation of this LJ. However, the real impetus were the simultaneous desires to do stuff with radio and to do some more constructive writing. Several months ago, when I mentioned wanting to do radio again, Ed had suggested podcasting. I put it in the back of my mind, and with everything that I have going on in my life right now, I realized that podcasting was absolutely the way to go since a.) I could do it at my own leisure, b.) I could use it as my own forum to talk about whatever I want to, and c.) it totally makes me one of the cool kids*. To do so, due to both the size of the files and the bandwidth use accompanying any downloads, I needed to pony up cash for webhosting. Additionally, it fulfills my need to write in a slightly more constructive manner – even if not by a great margin. As a result, the website allows me to scratch three bad itches I’ve had in the past year – my own place, an additional outlet/motivation for writing, and radio. So there you go.
* No it doesn’t

How Serious Is It?
Not at all. I laid out the reasons above, and it’s totally not an attempt to portray myself as some sort of online journalist. There’s enough people on sites like blogspot doing that shit, and I certainly wouldn’t want to contribute. There’s a reason it’s called KevinMarshallOnline.com and not WrestlingMMAandDeGrassiNewsSource.com. Anybody who takes it as anything other than me once again fucking around on the internet is taking it FAR more seriously than I am.

Are We Going to See Less Updates to the LJ?
Nope! But you WILL see less actual stuff like long-ass entries about MMA and pro wrestling. YOU’RE WELCOME.

Alright, I need to make a phone call and fall onto my bed.

More later…

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