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Work, Family Visit, Wing Night, Snoop’s Diss on Kimmel, Wrestling Notes (WWE/TNA/ROH/Japan/Creator)

After not being able to do a damn thing that we were supposed to do today, the problems plaguing our systems at work (and beyond) have finally been resolved. Which means now we can get back to doing what we’re supposed to be doing in addition to the four to five days of back work that we missed out on. It’s going to besuper-busy tomorrow, Thursday and Friday.

At least I have the excuse of having to pick up my sister at the airport tomorrow (she’s flying in from Alabama) so I can take an extended lunch. After work we’re all getting together for a good ol’ fashioned family barbecue. The only one who won’t be present is Jack, who unfortunately has work and can’t make it up from New York, and my mother who’s living the life down in Virginia. Regardless of those missing out for reasons beyond anyone’s control, I’m looking forward to having my sister back for a couple weeks.

After work today I bummed around the house for a bit, then met up with Ms. Quist, her sister, and a friend of hers for Wing Night (where wings are five bucks or something and instead I just get a salad). The highlights:
* Seeing WNYT’s Roger Wyland walk in. Which in and of itself I don’t give a shit about, but then I saw his sloppy doppleganger sitting down at the bar. The guy looked like Wyland if he totally stopped caring, let himself go and gained sixty pounds. I was half-expecting a recreation of the scene in “Superman III” where Supes is split into two and ends up as Clark fighting his evil drunk self.
* Eating a Caribbean Chicken Salad that had a flavor so schizophrenic that I didn’t know whether I was enjoying it or about to vomit. I think I enjoyed it. Maybe.
* Meeting Ms. Quist’s sister and her friend Lauren. More importantly, actually pulling ahead of her friend Lauren on the road so I can actually get a spot in the parking lot, taking the last spot in said lot as a result, seeing her drive by after doing it, seeing her waiting near the bar, and then seeing her approach the table I reserved for us once Ms. Quist and Sister Quist arrived. Whoops. It was all good, though.

Afterwards I met up with Seth and Newton. We shared tales of love and friendship, then watched clips of Comedy Central’s “Roast of Flavor Flav” on YouTube.

There’s an interesting point to raise about the Flav roast that, without knowing the backstory, many people watching might have missed. At one point during his act, Jimmy Kimmel went on a riff about Flav’s children and said “Chris Benoit was a better father than you.” The crowd immediately turned on him and it was clear there was heavy editing done to try to make it appear more like an “oh no he didn’t” reaction and less like a “that crossed the line and you’ve lost us” moment that reports suggest it was during the taping (which was about a week after Benoit murdered his wife and child before killing himself). Snoop Dogg was on later in the evening. Snoop – who has admitted in the past to being a huge WWE fan and who has hung out backstage at shows – riffed on everybody onstage. He went in order of seating for the most part and initially skipped over Kimmel, but towards the end of his set finally came back to him. He took a much more aggressive tone than he did with any of the others and said “the reason we call condoms ‘Jimmies’ is because they’re scumbags and nobody likes it when they’re on.” Ouch.

So yeah. Good day. I seem in general to be slowly but surely getting over the quarter-life crisis I’ve been struggling with the past several weeks. However, I got to thinking about where I want to be in life and it came back in droves, albeit temporarily. I’m putting serious thought into inquiring about a writing position somewhere in the area and finding out what I need to do to get my foot in the door. Unfortunately I’m in a situation financially where I can’t afford to go at it full-time if it means taking a cut in pay, so ideally I’d like to have something minor as a side gig. It’d help to have a couple extra dollars and hopefully would sharpen my skills a little so I can actually start work on the two books I have partially written in my head.

Alright, enough about me. It’s time for some
Wrestling Notes

* Evander Holyfield will appear this Saturday night on Saturday Night’s Main Event (11:30pm on NBC) in a “boxing match” with Matt Hardy. SPOILER ALERT – WWE in its infinite wisdom attempts to build Hardy for his US Title Shot at SummerSlam against MVP by having him look like a complete chump.
* Speaking of which, and this is old news, but the planned participation of the Jackass crew (Steve-O, Chris Pontius, Wee Man, and one or two other douchebags) in a match at SummerSlam is off. For some reason, Big Daddy V vs. The Boogeyman appears to be still on.

* TNA’s “Hard Justice” Pay-Per-View last Sunday was an unmitigated disaster. The TNA fans in Orlando, once reliable for reacting exactly the way the company wants them to despite the reaction of the fans sitting at home (who would actually pay to see it live), completely turned on the Pacman Jones appearance. So much so, in fact, that the segment showing him unconscious and lying in a pool of blood (originally meant to put heel heat on the returning Ron Killings) actually elicited cheers from the crowd. TNA’s next Pay-Per-View, “No Surrender”, will feature Kurt Angle beat Samoa Joe on the same show to win all of TNA’s titles and will defend them in three separate matches at the next PPV, “No Surrender.” I’m relieved to know they’re having him wrestle three matches a night, as with TNA’s lighter schedule I was worried he wasn’t going to up and fucking die suddenly of Wrestler Death within the next three years.

* Jimmy Rave had a huge falling out with pretty much everybody he could that makes any sort of decision in Ring of Honor and was released from his contract as a result. No further details have surfaced other than that he’s gone for good and Gabe Sapolsky was going to at least keep him around sister promotion FIP down in Florida until there was yet another huge falling out between the two. People assumed that his derailed push after the first couple months of 2007 was due to numerous injuries sustained in the ring, however it’s become clear since then that there are other very serious issues with Rave, particularly his relationships with others in the company. It’s a shame, because I’m one of the few people that actually enjoyed most of his matches. Oh well.

* Hiroshi Tanahashi won New Japan Pro Wrestling‘s annual G-1 Tournament by defeating Togi Makabe in the Finals. As is tradition, Tanahashi gets a return shot at the IWGP Heavyweight Title within the next month or so. For those who haven’t seen the Tanahashi vs. Yuji Nagata match for the IWGP Heavyweight Title back in April, seek it out. It’s easily the match of the year thus far.
* To show how badly Ricky Marvin needs to take time off, a video’s popped up of his semi-recent disastrous performance in NOAH where he blows consecutive spots and at one point starts chasing shadows.

* Behold: The CreatOR (or: God bless early 90s indy wrestling cheese). Carmen DeSpirito’s awful acting is a wonder to behold.

More later…

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  1. August 15, 2007 at 3:49 pm

    Have you been watching the new installments of Trapped In the Closet? Hilarious.

    Flav roast: I still haven’t seen it, but if I were in the audience for that joke, I probably would have thrown something at Jimmy Kimmel. I probably would have also shouted something about the things I’d like to do to his wife, too, as security escorted me out.

    Hardy: Isn’t that Matt Hardy’s gimmick? Have they ever pushed him without making him look like a chump?

    Who’s Big Daddy V? Do I even want to know?

    TNA: Who’s surprised that Kurt Angle’s “lighter schedule” is a load of crap? Not I.

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