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I Was A Total Loser Today; Wrestling Notes

I was a total loser today, but whatever, it wasn’t a BAD day or anything.

QUICK ASIDE – if you go into an office to get something and you’re told specifically by the person there that they can’t do anything because of a server & software upgrade and/or patch and that while they’re told that it should be back up the next day there’s never a guarantee and you should call the office to make sure, THEN you just randomly show up the next day and lo and behold they still can’t do anything because the upgrade and/or patch is taking much longer than expected? You have NO RIGHT to cop an attitude with the person who told you to call ahead of time.


As alluded too in the run-on sentence above, we had upgrades and patches to various servers and programs throughout the course of the week that completely tied my hands and prevented me from doing my job. It was frustrating. I still had things to do all week, but I finished everything and ran out of stuff to do at about 1:00pm today. So I just kind of bummed around for a couple hours waiting to close and left early at 4:00pm. I went to the Daily Grind and got my medium Iced Chai, which is pathetic because I’m now there like every day getting the same exact thing and the same girl always waits on me. She now knows exactly what I want as soon as I walk in there. It’s definitely not cool. But who cares? Iced Chais are AWESOME~!

Then I came home, watched two episodes of “Stella” (Disc 2 came in the mail today), and passed out from 5:00pm until 9:00pm.

So yeah! That was my day. Exciting, no? And you people wonder why I haven’t been updating as much lately.

Wrestling Notes
* Japanese independent wrestling promotion ZERO1-MAX (which has dropped in prominence in the last two years since the death of figurehead and major star Shinya Hashimoto) recently wrapped up their annual “Fire Festival” tournament. Masato Tanaka won it and they gave him a sword. No, really. But that’s not the most puzzling aspect by any stretch of the imagination. For on the second to last night of the Festival (July 31st), in the second match of the night, Fuyuki Takahashi defeated Yasuhiro Yamagami in 4 minutes 37 seconds via “IT’S TOUGH BEING A MAN”. Yes, that’s the name of the move, and no, I have no idea what it is. I don’t know if it’s a slam of some sort, or a submission, or what. All I know is that Chris Schoen over at IVPVideos.com needs to start selling ZERO1-MAX DVDs. I’m willing to shell out $3 just to find out what it means when they say “IT’S TOUGH BEING A MAN.”
* In addition to TNA (Total Nonstop Action) doing a storyline with Kurt Angle’s wife leaving him after years of emotional abuse – since the classiest thing to do in the wake of the Benoit tragedy is to totally ape it for storyline purposes and make fun of the situation – they’ve also signed troubled NFL star Pacman Jones to a one-year deal that was originally going to involve him wrestling. Now the Tennessee Titans have filed a Total Nonstop Injuction to prevent him from participating with the company, citing worries that he’ll get injured and be unable to return in 2008 after he’s served his suspension. Personally, as fucked up and dangerous as the industry is, they’re probably better off letting him wrestle than letting him go into strip clubs where members of his entourage can cause riots and shoot guys and put them in wheelchairs for the rest of their lives.
* WWE halted its RAW ratings slide by bringing in Vince McMahon to pump the rating back above the 3.0 mark. McMahon (in character) announced what was going to be the blow-off of the “exploding limo” angle – that he faked his own death to see if people still appreciated him – and the show ended with him being delivered a document confirming that he has an illegitimate child. Original plans were for the long-lost McMahon to be Ken Kennedy, and rumors are that they’re still going in that direction for an eventual feud with the soon to be returning HHH. Also during the show, McMahon made numerous mentions of a Congressional investigation, playing off the real-life request from Congress for WWE to turn over all its records of its Wellness Policy and all implementations since its inception. The tone of it was, of course, overly-defensive and confrontational. It’s good to see that more than anything, WWE has not learned a single thing over the years when it comes to handling intense media and legal scrutiny.

More later…

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  1. August 11, 2007 at 3:59 pm

    It’s a good thing I hadn’t decided to start paying attention to WWE or TNA again.

    • August 12, 2007 at 11:00 pm


      That pic is fucking perfect. Not just for the reaction, but because I like to think that is the reaction that America as a whole has to all the nonsense of the past few months.

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