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Weekend Happenings (or Lack Thereof); “Sicko”

So yesterday I ended up getting a call from Seth, who had a friend of his visiting whom he wanted me to meet. So I went there for a bit, decided I wanted food so I bounced for about an hour. They had leftover pizza, but as much as I’ve fallen off my good eating habits in the past couple weeks (which I really need to start making myself more accountable for starting tomorrow) I still can’t bring myself to eat pizza. I got take-out from Ali Baba’s instead (again – not a healthy choice but that wasn’t hte point) and brought it back to the house. Then I went back to Seth’s, watched a couple episodes of Stella, and I bounced because Seth and his visitor were looking a bit tired.

Today I went to a meeting, saw my father for a bit, got a medium iced Chai from The Daily Grind, had dinner at Lee Tang’s with Steve (dreg4life), and met up with Kelly Quist and her friends for her birthday. I would’ve stayed out longer, but it was at the Lionheart and while I can be at a bar for a bit with no problem, I don’t want to put myself in a position where I’m playing with fire or anything.

And now, here I sit. Bored.

So as mentioned in a prior post, I saw “Sicko” on Wednesday night. It was the sort of stuff that’s come to annoy me about Michael Moore, particularly in his most recent efforts. I’m not one of those who hates Michael Moore, but it’s frustrating when I agree with him on the broad scope and see so many great points that he could raise, yet instead he opts to be obnoxious and play into the character he’s developed for himself. He’s also developed a terrible habit of providing humanity in a story or stories related to the larger problem that unfortunately, in the way he goes about it, provides a totally unconvincing example of what should or shouldn’t be done. And then there were the obvious edits and omissions that make even myself, someone with whom I would almost agree with Michael Moore nearly universally otherwise, question what the Hell’s being left out and/or misrepresented. All that being said, it’s still worth a viewing. And yes, privatized health care fucking blows.

OR you could rent/Netflix the 1995 Jim Jarmusch film “Dead Man”, which features the coolest Johnny Depp performance ever. Yep, still on the Western kick.

More later…

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  1. August 5, 2007 at 4:09 pm

    I know this Swiss guy online and he has basically the same relationship that we have with Michael Moore. He also loves to point out that saying we’re the only industrialized country without “free” health care is just flat-out wrong. But whatever, you don’t watch a Michael Moore film for a balanced viewpoint, and like you said in your post, he’s right in terms of the big picture.

    Also, if you’re on a Western kick, watch Alejandro Jodorowsky’s “El Topo.”

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