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Hot on the heels of government subsidies for Zombie Farmers, we get this gem from my friend Chris (originally posted in the Capital District 518s Group on MySpace):

“So my morning was off to an entertaining start… I stopped off at the Price Chopper on Albany Shaker Rd on my way into work, and while in the produce section I overheard two stockers discussing upcoming movies. One mentioned he wanted to see “Chuck & Larry” (referencing the movie with Sandler/James), and the other one, a thugged out blonde kid with tats all over, responded, “nah man, fuck that, i’m not goin to see no movie about two gay guys”

You, dear reader, have two choices. You can either:
A. Shake your head at the fact that a guy can try to thug himself up as much as possible in order to exude some semblance of toughness, but when it comes to teh gayz he becomes irrationally frightened.
B. Marvel at the fact that this individual is completely unable to grasp the basic concept of an ADAM SANDLER MOVIE (they’re not actually gay; just pretending to be).

The choice (and the power) is yours!

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