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Amp’d Mobile loses Mon’y, Goes Bankrup’t and Sh’ts Dow’n

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If any of you happen to have the Amp’d Mobile Service, be aware that they’re “potentially” shutting down their service on Tuesday according to their website. The move comes with little to no fanfare, mainstream coverage, or consumer notice other than some reports of text messages sent from the company to its consumers (it’s not even clear that all of them received it) noting the possible shutdown.

I post this as a heads up, though unless I’m mistaken I don’t think ANYBODY reading this has or ever had the service (which is perhaps indicative of the problem). It’s worth noting that you only get this information if you click on the small “Customer Questions and Answers” image on the bottom of their main page, and even then you probably wouldn’t even think to do so unless you saw a blog posting such as this one discussing the situation. None of the business wires seemed to have picked up on the story (again – indicative of their struggles).

How bad did it get for Amp’d Mobile? Well, they blew through about $360 million in a couple years and at this point only have $9,000 with which to operate their services. The bankruptcy papers have already been filed and claims are that they’re in negotiations with several providers although it doesn’t seem like anybody’s going to bite. I’m hard-pressed to think of a more disastrous wireless collapse, though my gut says there’ll be more to come, particularly with the launch of the iPhone and its eventual expansion of service.

This calls for an Amp’d Mobile Bake Sale.

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