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Wait, nevermind.

I really wish it being Friday actually meant something to me. I have to be into work tomorrow morning and I’m not into Harry Potter at all. It’s nothing about the franchise in particular, only that magic-based fantasy stuff never really piqued my interests. There are exceptions, yes, but they’re just that – exceptions – and I’m hard pressed to remember a specific one right now.

I decided today that I’d take my father and we’d go see my Aunt (his sister) and her family up in Corinth. We got on the Northway off Hoosick at 5:10pm, and by 7:15pm we were just being forced off at Exit 8A. There was some big crash or something, though the details are sketchy right now. I can tell you that WTEN is reporting that traffic was being diverted off the Northway at Exit 10 and 10-12 were closed, which makes them woefully misinformed – it was actually 8A, and it was 8-12 or possibly even 13 that was closed. What a fucking nightmare. I ended up just turning around after finally getting on Route 9 and realizing we were still most likely well over three hours from getting there (I think it’s normally about a 35 minute drive from that point). Ah well. It was a nice thought at least.

Tomorrow’s my last Saturday as a work day for quite awhile. It actually wasn’t nearly as bad as we anticipated, but I’m looking forward to having an actual weekend again.

NYC August 10th-12th, and quite possibly New Hampshire to the following weekend. TRAVEL~!

This post makes me seem cranky. In general I’m still happy, I just have nothing to do tonight (I didn’t even get back in time to kill an hour at a meeting) and it’s making me…cranky. There’s really no other word for it.

More later…

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