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GENERAL UPDATE – Work, Finances, Shelfari, and FUNKY WEAPON!

Not much to write about, really. I worked six days last week and will be working six days this week. It actually hasn’t been that bad since the three (sometimes four) of us in the office work together in such a manner as to make everything thus far run very, very smoothly. The only problems we’ve run into are external forces beyond our control (life in general I suppose), but we’ve also managed to smooth those out as well. I’ve heard in past years that things didn’t go nearly as well, and it’s been attributed by my supervisor and others present to a number of factors, one of which is me. So that strokes my ego very nicely.

I’m still tired as all get-out at the end of the day, though. Even a day like today, where we did so much yesterday that there were very brief moments where we weren’t anything resembling busy, I’m still working eight and a half to nine hours. Which isn’t that big of a deal, except I had NO energy today. Mind you, I went the past week plus getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night and was functioning exceptionally well. Then I got over eight hours last night and was dead in the water for the entire day. It was fucking infuriating.

Other than that, things are going okay I guess. There was a mini-crisis this weekend when I balanced my checkbook and realized that I was very near to broke – a direct result of paying to have the car registered, paying for insurance, paying rent, paying utilities, making loan payments, paying my cell phone bill, getting a refill of my contacts (FUCK ASTIGMATISM IN BOTH EYES it’s soooo expensive), and other expenses. Thankfully I still have more than enough to get me through to next Tuesday, and even with having to get my car re-inspected this weekend (DMV has this rule that even if the car was inspected close to the date the title was signed over you STILL have to have it inspected just because it changed ownership) and other minor anticipated expenses, I’ll still have some money in my account when the direct deposit for my paycheck kicks in on Tuesday.

So yeah. Things are troubling, but nothing’s bad. I guess that means…good? Things are good? Whatever.


First is my shelf on Shelfari.com:

Note – although it worked when I cross-posted it to MySpace, it seems that the flash embedding does not want to cooperate on LiveJournal. This is most likely due to LJ’s insistence on inserting their own tags for any and all embedded objects, which is incredibly fucking annoying and I find wholly unnecessary. So instead of a fancy-schmancy flash box, you get a link.

thebigfatman turned me on to it. It’s pretty cool, though it depressed the shit out of me because in compiling the list from my bookshelf I realized that not only did I have a lot of books I loaned out, forgot whom I loaned them to and subsequently never saw again, but also that I lost a TON of books in the move that are most likely gone forever. I also realized that of all the books I still have, there’s a ton of them that I’ve never read and/or picked up but never finished. And that speaks far less to the quality of writing in said books than it does to my own laziness over the past several years.

C’est la vie.

I was going to share something else, wasn’t I? Ah, yes.


More later…

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