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An entry that isn’t depressing.

I figured after the posts about the Benoit Family tragedy in Atlanta (which even with two extended entries that ran a combined 14 pages single-spaced still doesn’t cover all the bases of that story and its implications), it’d be time to start posting…you know, nonsense again.

Check out the new LJ icon. It brings a smile to my face. It should bring a smile to your face, too. And if it doesn’t, that just means you need to start getting or renting all three seasons of “Deadwood.”

I found out this weekend that Artie, Leesa, and baby Cora are my neighbors. Who knew?! Well, not me, obviously. They’d always mentioned that they lived “right up the hill,” but I never connected the dots until Warrior (Jill) and Pete asked where the new apartment was. Even weirder, the last two digits of their address are the same last two digits of mine reversed (the first two are the same).

I had a weekend. Steve and I hung out at Troy Night Out, met up with Ed at one point (whose fascination with his new iPhone has happily extended past the ability to play “Mary had a little lamb” with the phone pad), and as mentioned ran into Pete and the Warrior. That led to us attending a get-together and fire at Pete & Warrior’s on Saturday, which including bullshitting around the fire (where we learned just how proud Pete was of his prowess at Guitar Hero) and playing the American Idol karaoke game. That led to the revelation that while Simon thinks Warrior is basically Singing Jesus, he thinks Brittany (who has the best voice you’ll ever hear live – seriously) needs singing lessons. It was HILARIOUS.

Know what else is hilarious? Evil babies.

Hilarious #3: apparently Paula Abdul would not agree to her likeness being used in the American Idol game. So they replaced her with a chick named Laura who looked a bit like her, right down to seemingly being coked out of her mind throughout the entire game.

I dropped another $14 on laundry. Again, I was down to my last garments. I was going to hold off on putting it away when I got home, however pain-in-the-ass (the cat) taking up residence on my dress pants made that an impossibility. Since I moved here she’s developed a habit of trying to completely take over my bed. Whereas before she’d wait until I lay down and THEN jump up and sleep at the foot of my bed, now she simply sprawls her fat ass out on the far end of my bed and starts whining when I have to move her in order to lay down.

You can tell I’m grasping for straws in terms of material when I write about laundry and my cat. I think I’ll stop now.

More later…

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  1. July 2, 2007 at 1:57 pm

    Deadwood icons should bring peace to the world.

  2. July 2, 2007 at 9:31 pm

    yeah, cats are a royal pain like that. They make such a fuss when they have to move. Dogs are easier. I know there’s no way I’m shoving my dog’s 63 pounds of bulk over, so i can just tell him to get down and get back up. The cat just looks at me like “yeah right, bitch” and then yowls when I pick him up.

    Found you on okcupid, btw. I’m sure you were wondering who the hell this random person is…

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