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TUF 5 Finale Live @ my apartment

The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale is LIVE tonight on Spike. I’m inviting anyone and everyone over to watch.

Floyd Sword vs. Thales Leites
Roger Huerta(~!) vs. Doug Evans
Season 5 Finale: Nate Diaz vs. my boy Manny Gamburyan
Jens Pulver vs. BJ Penn

Call the cell, shoot me an IM, or reply if you’re interested.

My picks, for what it’s worth:
* Manny to win TUF 5. The guy’s a fucking monster in a big way. Like, Joe Lauzon was also a little monster, and Manny made him look like a total chump. Nate’s under the impression that if he pulls guard he can slap on a submission easily, but Manny’s Ground and Pound is off the charts.
* Jens Pulver over BJ Penn. With all the fucking talent he has, BJ should win this easily. He also should’ve won the first fight easily too. He didn’t, and he won’t tonight.

The other two matches (and essentially all the matches that are airing before the live feed goes on the air) are total squashes, so they don’t warrant discussing. Other than to say that Roger Huerta is fighting, and Huerta fighting is always great.

Did two hours of cleaning today after my meeting. ‘Twas fun.

More later…

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  1. June 26, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    Wrong and wrong! haha Sucks about the first one, but BJ Penn having motivation and conditioning along with his talent was nice to see.

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