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Pop Your Forties and Check Your Rolies, it’s Raccoon Time!

I see katejaneway‘s otters and raise her SOME RACCOONS!

Raccoons are bringing the hood to YOU.

Many Raccoons pass the time by creating their own 1960s Folk Rock album covers.

Raccoons will always offer a friendly holler when passing an acquaintance on the street.

Raccoons are ALWAYS watching.

Raccoons always show up to a party in large groups, uninvited, and announce their arrival by screaming “WHERE THE BITCHES AT?!”.

This Raccoon is not as cool as the others.

Why raccoons? Why not, I say. What awesome creatures. I was asked if I thought I was a raccoon in a previous life. I don’t think I was, though I do share common traits with everyone’s favorite street animal: I’m adorable and I wear a cliche burglar mask while rummaging through your trash can.

I got out of work early at 4:30 today to get the rest of the stuff from my mother’s place before she leaves the state for good next week. When my roommates come home, they will have a new(er) television and a slightly nicer entertainment center area waiting for them. There will also be a clean living room and bath tub, a new vacuum that WORKS, an iron that WORKS, and a real honest-to-God ironing board. I’m too good to them, really.

If either of you are reading this (I know Steve is):


More later….

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