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I think most people by now have at least heard all the accusations (most loudly coming from Joe Rogan) tossed at Carlos Mencia for stealing material and trying to get away with using ethnic slurs against Mexicans by portraying himself as Mexican, even though he’s half German and half Honduran.

The problem is that in the past, some of the material he’s stolen has been from guys like Bobby Lee and Ari Shaffir. Both very good at stand-up and well known amongst their peers and diehard fans of stand-up, but they’re not exactly names that jump out at the average mainstream fan.

There was an exception with George Lopez. Years ago, Mencia had a special on HBO where he performed not just a joke or two, but an entire chunk of Lopez’s stand-up act. Even though Lopez is far more known now that he has a show on ABC, at that time he wasn’t exactly considered obscure. Unfortunately, not too many people had heard about it because Mencia himself didn’t have anywhere near the notoriety he has now, and HBO immediately pulled the special from their rotation when Lopez became very vocal and could provide rock solid proof that the material in question was directly lifted from his act.

This, though…unbelievable. I mean, it’s bugged me that a guy can make so much money piggy-backing off the work of hard-working comics who stick to this crazy code that says you don’t steal other people’s shit and present it as your own (again, crazy I know). What previously was an annoyance has, with the following video, become…well, not exactly outrage. I think I’m more just dumbfounded that a guy could think he’d get away with this.

He stole a bit from Bill Cosby.


No, seriously. He directly lifted a bit from one of the most famous comedians of all time. Like, Cosby’s so famous as a comedian that if you were to list the five most famous comedians of all time, he’d most likely be on it. This isn’t a guy who is just respected mostly amongst his peers, or is just an A-list celebrity. The guy was/is an icon.

I’m just…wow. Dumbfounded.

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