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Pirates, Lobsters, and Cats

I figured to save myself a headache, I’ll just consolidate all the things I’ve meant to write about in the past week into one post. Call it poor time management, or laziness, or whatever.


I saw the third installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean” (“At World’s End”) last weekend. I’ve read a lot of hate for the movie, and it was definitely over-the-top cheese in parts. However, I enjoyed it immensely. It’s worth noting that I’d seen all of about twenty minutes of the first movie (not in sequential order) and none of the second. That may have led to me enjoying the film more.

See, I felt that the film established very early on that it was going to be whacky, and thus I was able to accept it and enjoy the whackiness. I guess that sort of whackiness may have been what turned off a lot of people who had become invested in the franchise in the first two films. Again, I haven’t seen the first two, and I can’t really speak for those that have. Though I do find it amusing that people can get so emotionally charged about a film franchise based on a ride in Disney Land and get so damn serious about it. I mean, I completely understand it and don’t fault those that do, it’s just sort of funny if you think about it.



Today was LobsterFest in Albany’s scenic Washington Park. Good time, though much of it early on was spent just walking around. Ed and McLocks hung out in the MicroBrew tent, and our original plan was to meet them in there. As it turns out, you had to pay $25 just to get into the tent. There was a packaged deal where you could buy the dinner and get a ticket to the MicroBrew tent for only $15 more, but even that I thought was a waste (since, you know, I don’t drink).

So Steve and I went to Lark to stop by an ATM (the jaw-dropping prices made him realize that he needed to hit one) and glance at the booths set up for Art on Lark, which was occurring simultaneously. By the way, for every three places that have ATM machines on Lark, only one of them actually works. Well, the first two we went to didn’t work, but the third one did. In terms of statistics, you can’t really make a general statement like that when you’ve literally only tried three ATM machines, but I AM AN ABSOLUTIST.

What I saw of the art displayed was a bit disappointing. Some of the booths didn’t even have actual art, for example one that was just peddling homemade lotion or some shit like that. The ones that did have art…none of it really caught my eye or interested me all that much. Granted, I’m the furthest thing from a connoisseur, but even I know that a dude taking pictures of his table and selling it is a little bullshitty. Whether he realizes it’s a little bullshitty is a topic for another time.

By the time we got back, Ed was ready to go and get lobster. With others in two, we went to the line and waited about fifteen minutes until they got more lobster. They ran out, you see, and had to literally buy more from the Cousins fish market. Then we got to the end of the line, and we were out of butter. Mind you, it was only about 5:30pm at this point, and while the turnout was much better than last year – which is directly attributable to MUCH better weather – it wasn’t exactly what I’d call overwhelming. Way to anticipate demand adequately, ROTARY CLUB.

The lobster I had was decent, but certainly not the best ever. The shells were a bit tougher than your usual lobster for some reason (not sure if that’s due to preparation or where it’s caught or whatever). Honestly, I’m probably nitpicking because they charged FORTY DOLLARS for twin lobsters, which is absolutely ludicrous and completely uncalled for. But hey, it’s for charity! Oh, wait, Rotary Club. Nevermind.

While we ate, a Beatles tribute band called “Fab Fourever” (I shit you not) performed a quick set. It was kind of funny, because they dressed like the original Beatles and the lead singer did his damndest to look like John Lennon. It was sort of like LARPers re-enacting the famous Shea Stadium performance. Too bad they really weren’t all that good. Even when the sound system was cooperating, they didn’t sound all that good. Beatlemania they ain’t.

Afterwards we went to Ed’s, hung out for a bit, and headed back here. And now, here I sit, posting to my LJ at 10:50pm on a Saturday night. This is what my life has come to.

FUN FACT: The original batch of lobsters were caught by Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings himself. Jennings and his crew chartered the Dutch Apple Cruise Line to sail down the Hudson and into the Atlantic, braving the elements in a scene right out of the hit cable reality series “Deadliest Catch.” Jennings donned his speedo and jumped into the Atlantic armed only with a net. Due to his ridiculous tan, the lobsters mistook him for the prophesied Lobster King who would one day arrive and lead them to a Golden Age of nautical domination. While they flocked to what they thought was their last chance for greatness, Jerry would scoop all of them up in the net and single-handedly toss them onto the poop deck. Then he’d regale his crew with tall tales of how one time he came so close to actually having that Convention Center built in downtown Albany.



So I’m all but moved into the new place. The only items I have left in the previous residence are items that are going straight down to the basement anyway, and I have until the end of the month to retrieve them.

The only thing I was worried about was the Old Bitch (my cat Zoe) not taking too well to the move. She completely freaked out the previous two times we had to move. Both times she’d hide under beds and cry non-stop for days on end, and it took her about a week each time to fully adjust.

On Thursday, as soon as I brought her into my room and let her out of her carrier, she calmly walked out and surveyed her new surroundings. She spent about 40 minutes or so exploring the new place, identifying certain areas and rubbing up against furniture. She found Steve’s room and absolutely fell in love with it for some reason.

I was shocked. Maybe because she’s older now she’s adopted a “fuck it” attitude when it comes to such drastic changes in her environment. Whatever the case, she’s acting as if I didn’t move her at all. Which makes me happy, because I was really worried about her making a racket throughout the night and not allowing me to get any sleep.

I was doubly relieved because it meant, for the most part, that I was now fully settled. I had done all the cleaning that needed to be done, retrieved all major items I’d had to retrieve, and I could take the time after work on Friday to just relax and enjoy my time in the new place.

I’ve also got the computer fully set up and the wireless is working fantastically. The only drawback is that if I leave AIM open and walk away from the computer for long enough, eventually the wireless is going to cut out and log me off. I uninstalled AOL fully (my mother had installed it onto the computer and refused to stop using it), and my God, what a fucking difference it makes in this computer’s performance.

Unfortunately, I’m still only getting sound out of one speaker. It’s definitely not the speakers, because the headphone/microphone set that I have is having the same problem. I think it’s a problem with the hardware that I don’t have the knowledge to fix. Thankfully, most of my music listening is done on the iPod anyway, so it’s not a HUGE deal or anything. Still, it’s annoying. Almost as annoying as Googling the problem and reading Tech Forum threads where people reply with absolutely useless information and overly elaborate fixes that don’t work. It’s like, guys, if you don’t know how to fix it, don’t bother replying and pretending that you do.

Anyway, I’m enjoying the new place immensely. If you haven’t done so already, you should take the opportunity to stop on by and see the new digs.


I was going to write about something else here, and it completely slipped my mind. I’ll probably remember it eventually and write about it at a ridiculous hour tonight. We’ll see.

More later…

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  1. June 10, 2007 at 4:33 am

    *notes that he has the experiance with things like fixing computers*

    ; )

    • June 10, 2007 at 5:46 am

      I will be IMing you the next time you’re on, fo sho.

      Again, it’s not that big of a deal really. It’s just driving me nuts that I can’t figure out what the problem is.

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