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MOV’D~! and Poking a KGB Dog With a Stick

My absence of late can be summed up in ten words:

Moved. Throwing shit out and doing hardcore cleaning. Taking FOREVER.

There’s a couple things still at my mother’s place that she wants me to take off her hands before she moves down to Virginia on July 1st, but other than that I’m almost completely done. All that’s left for the interim is the computer and the cat, both of which I’m retrieving after work. Steve suggested I tie a string around my finger to remind myself not to put them both in the same container.

I feel bad, because if past moves are any indication, the Old Bitch (cat) is going to be hiding under my bed for at least three days. I’m hoping that with her age, all the stuff I’ve moved into my room, and her familiarity with Steve (she LOVES Steve) that she’ll adjust quickly and be back to driving me up a wall in no time.

I should have internet access by tonight. Supposedly all I need is the wireless card, which I should be getting today. If not, then who knows.


I really really really really really really really want Bush to stop picking fights. There is absolutely no reason for us to be slamming Russia, regardless of statements like “we can express concerns about democracy while still maintaining a friendship”. Especially not when they have a manic depressive (at times it seems that way anyway) KGB guy running things.

Seriously, what reason was there for Bush to openly and publically issue that prepared statement in the manner that he did? At the freaking G8 Summit no less?

There are some articles and editorials I’ve read that have already jumped the gun as this leading to an eventual all-out conflict between ourselves and Russia. I won’t be that alarmist – it was one of those irresponsible statements that damages our reputation/relationship with other nation-states, but it’s NOT going to lead to nuclear war. For me, I just find it more annoying than anything else. It’s like watching a kid poking a stray dog with a stick. He’s not going to listen to your suggestions, you know that it’s not going to end well, and you know that kid’s going to get bit but you’re just getting so angry that you start wondering if maybe he deserves it.

Although I got something of a chuckle out of watching Fox News yesterday (it was on the TV at work while I was walking by) and seeing a headline about Russia having nukes as if this is fresh information. Jesus.

It really doesn’t need to be said that the media will sensationalize any story if it will get them ratings (see: that guy who was played up as having SUPER TB~! and single-handedly creating an epidemic then was found not to even have a communicable form of it), and it doesn’t usually bother me because…well, that’s the way it’s always been, and nobody worth their weight is taking it all that seriously.

However, I do believe that there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Specifically, a news media outlet hyping up friction between nation-states and bordering on beating the war drum. Rupert Murdoch and company want to be the 21st Century version of William Randolph Hearst drumming us up into a conflict with Spain. Two major differences, though – one, as much as we don’t like to admit it, it did benefit us quite a bit. Two, we ain’t going to war with Russia. Still, again, annoying.


I saw the third installment of “Pirates” this past weekend. This coming weekend is LobsterFest (McLocks! Steve! Ed! Lobsters! Somewhat okay local bands! Festival! Rotary!). I finally watched a Netflix film I enjoyed enough to possibly write about (“Ride the High Country”). Brock Lesnar made his MMA debut and looked like a beast.

There is just so much bullshit for me to write about it’s ridiculous. There may be entries. Just a heads up and giving y’all fair warning.

More later (possibly tonight!)…

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  1. June 6, 2007 at 11:29 pm

    It’s like watching a kid poking a stray dog with a stick. He’s not going to listen to your suggestions, you know that it’s not going to end well, and you know that kid’s going to get bit but you’re just getting so angry that you start wondering if maybe he deserves it.

    Here’s the fly in that ointment. No matter how well intentioned your good advice, and no matter how much that kid deserves to be on the end of a doggie beat down YOU oh sage giving ‘I see that this is going to end badly’ will end up getting bit by the dog who is carrying rabid tuberculosis! And then you will fly to Europe and endanger the lives of your new wife, children, parents and all the international parties you have come in contact (and by contact I mean shared air with) because the CDC told you that you were FINE to fly. And now, because a stupid kid with a stupid stick poked a rabid dog YOU oh sage, but ultimately innocent bystander YOU have caused an international epidemic of crisis proportions.

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