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“King of Spam” Headed to Federal Prison

“Spam King” Arrested by Feds

From the article:
He has been living in a ritzy apartment and drives an expensive Mercedes convertible, said prosecutor Kathryn Warma. Prosecutors are seeking to have him forfeit $773,000 they say he made from his business, Newport Internet Marketing Corp.

A public defender who represented him for Wednesday’s hearing declined to comment.

And apparently the judge determined that even with FOUR different bank accounts seized by the government, he still had enough money to afford his own lawyer and had no need for a public defender.

I’m not sure what amazes me more – the amount of money a person can make off this sort of thing, or the fact that he got away with it for so long.

I should’ve kept track of my spam last week to see if there really IS going to be a noticeable difference. For some reason, I get the feeling it’ll be negligible, even with him being one of the “Top Ten” worst offenders.

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