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What sucks more – the harmonica, YouTube, or me?

Winston regularly sends promotional stuff addressed to my sister, even though she hasn’t lived here for well over six years now. The latest bundle of crap that arrived last week included a harmonica. Now, I’ve fumbled around with the thing and tried to string together something coherent that doesn’t sound terribly offensive, and I’m wholly unable to do so. The question is – is it me that sucks, or is it the harmonica? If it’s the harmonica, I have to question the wisdom of sending it out to promote a product, even if it’s cigarettes. I mean, Christ, way to make everyone feel like crap if they can’t get anything good to come out of it. And if it’s crap, what good is a crap harmonica? It’s not like it’s the awesomest instrument to begin with.

Have you ever been at work, gotten several e-mails from a customer, became incredibly frustrated, then come to the sudden realization that the only explanation for the behavior is that the person is mentally ill? I had one of those today.

I’ve been searching high and low for the past twenty minutes on YouTube for a good Pride retrospective video. I wanted something decent and maybe even a little classy to post as an epiteth. Yes, we know it’s going to continue, but it won’t be the same. Hell, if you missed the early years of Pride, you missed the best years any MMA promotion will probably ever have in terms of fight quality and overall production. I’ll miss some of the freakshow fights, Frye/Takayama, guys like Igor Vovchanchyn (who was my favorite fighter for like three years – I LOVE me some Igor), Bas Rutten on color commentary, Royce Gracie and Sakuraba going 90 minutes and making it seem like 15…man. So many great memories associated with that promotion.

Anyway, my point is this – I hate people who post shit on YouTube. All of them. Any Pride highlight video is either horribly edited together, something with gaudy graphics including the poster’s handle all over it (complete with a POWDER BLUE BACKGROUND and stuff like “posted by DogKenBear” for God’s sake), and/or missing key moments in the company’s history and instead focusing on knockouts. The biggest thing working against these videos, however, is that the editors’ taste in music is fucking shit. That’s perhaps the most frustrating aspect of my search – there’s a few videos that are fairly well put together, but the editor has the same taste in music as a 14-year-old with a learning disability.

So instead, here’s the hilarious video of KID Yamamoto knocking out Kazuyuki Miyata with a flying knee in four seconds.

As a quick side note, apparently they’re doing a ten-year retrospective pay-per-view on Pride. I MUST order that show.

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