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Wrestlemania 23, the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, and a bunch of other stuff

It’s been incredibly busy. It was a busy weekend with lots of running around (including buying new tires for the car and getting it inspected) while trying to find time for two Fantasy Baseball drafts. There was other nonsense as well, though none of it is anywhere near important or interesting enough to go into details. Work’s been…well, Hell. With the volume of traffic we’ve had, I haven’t been able to finish anything that I’ve wanted to finish. Thankfully, none of it is stuff that’s terribly pressing, but still.

Oh well. Onto the nonsense.

Wrestlemania 23
The show was, in my opinion, a bit of a disappointment. The thing is, with the lineup being what it was, I’m not quite sure what I was expecting. Some matches were as bad as I imagined, some weren’t, but in terms of the overall in-ring quality, there’s been better shows. Brief thoughts:

* The “Money in the Bank” ladder match was quite good for what it was – a glorified garbage spot-fest. Why it was the opener is beyond me, as it take the crowd quite awhile to get over seeing what they saw. There was a lot less cohesion to this one than the previous two, and though I’m sure there are people who will disagree with me, I’d rank it third among the three in terms of quality. Eight men is just too many for this sort of thing.
* Great Khali looked much better working with a bigger guy (Kane). Okay, it’s the difference between unwatchable and atrocious, but the match accomplished exactly what it needed to, and wasn’t as bad as it had the potential to be.
* MVP looked the best he’s ever looked in his match with Chris Benoit, though that’s not surprising. enfarcer tells me that early on in his indy career, he dubbed his finisher TTB – “Tribute To Benoit” – and he absolutely idolizes the guy. He’s still a little awkward in his movements and has a ways to go in terms of ring awareness, but I think I finally see all the potential that Vince and company sees.
* Believe it or not, Batista‘s statement in a recent interview that his match with Undertaker would “steal the show like Savage and Steamboat did at Wrestlemania III” almost came true. What I envisioned being pretty bad was actually a Hell of a match, mostly due to Taker working his ass off. God bless that man.
* Rob Van Dam getting the pin and the win for the ECW Originals over the OVW Developments tells me he’s re-signed with the company. Van Dam has made some braindead decisions throughout his career, but even he isn’t stupid enough to make the jump to TNA now. By the way, you wouldn’t know it from this match, but Elijah Burke has tremendous upside, as does (to a slightly lesser extent) “Marcus Cor Von” (formerly known as Monty Brown in TNA).
* The “Battle of the Billionaires” hair versus hair match wasn’t nearly as good as I thought it would be. With one worker who’s competent despite what people may insist (Umaga), a guy that should be able to be carried to a decent match, and with all the added shenanigans, it should’ve been much better than it was. Both guys worked hard and looked great at times, but the booking of the last few minutes was just too clusterfuck-ish. There were two major goals with this match: to create mainstream buzz and get Bobby Lashley over as a superstar. They sure as Hell accomplished the first, the second I’m not so sure about. Lashley just didn’t come across as strong in that finish as he should have. Without going into too many details, they should’ve booked Lashley as defying the odds rather than needing Steve Austin to help even the odds. But whatever, it was what it was, and nothing they did was terrible. Well, scratch that – Donald Trump being right near Shane McMahon while Shane was on the top rope and making no effort to trip him up and save his man was pretty bad.
* John Cena and Shawn Michaels did not disappoint, but they didn’t overwhelm either. Cena in particular got lost within the first ten minutes of the match, though everything that they did afterwards saved it. That being said, I wouldn’t be comfortable calling it a **** match. *** or ***1/2 maybe, but ****? No way.

The Devil Rays Did WHAT?!
Shortly after letting everyone know that Jorge Cantu would be splitting time at 2nd base, the Devil Rays announced that they were sending him down to AAA. I guess it’s punishment for a slump in production last season, wherein Cantu toughed it out through a broken foot.

Look, I know they have a good starter in Kazmir and will get great numbers this year from Carl Crawford, but…fuck, they’re the Devil Rays! I can’t fathom them sending anyone to the minors. The only thing I can think of is that Cantu might have something in his contract that prevents him from being traded to certain teams, and this move was done to sort of goad him into asking for one (which he has).

Poor Jorge.

Other Stuff
Blind Willie McTell’s “A to Z Blues” is one of the most disturbing goddamn songs I’ve ever heard. An artist would be crucified for that song now, and yet it was okay to record it in the 1930s. Still, it’s funny in a darkly perverse way, so don’t count me among those who scoff at it.

MySpace’s promotion of “Red Line” has made me even happier that I created a Facebook account. The commercials on television for this dreck – think “Fast and the Furious” except somehow dumber – is annoying enough. Going to the main MySpace page and being bombarded by not one but TWO flash videos to the top and right of the login screen is just too much.

After finding him unlistenable for the majority of my lifetime, I’ve finally succumbed to love for Elvis Presley. It’s official – I’m an old man and am now totally undatable. Ah well, them’s the breaks.

2007 MLB Season Preview & Predictions coming soon. It’s something I meant to do last weekend, but I just never got around to it (see above). I’ll also run down my fantasy baseball rosters. In other words, if you’re one of those who hate my baseball posts, then boy, is this ever not the week for you.

More later…

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