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Obi-Wan Buys a Stamp

While at work yesterday, I stepped outside and noticed that they had a new mailbox outside that was painted to look like R2D2. I had assumed at first that a couple students had done it as a prank, but no, it was definitely moved and professionally done. Then I saw the URL on the side of the receptacle:


It’s not joke. Fuck, Lucas. Selling out our childhood memories is one thing, but selling them out to the government? And where the Hell is this coming from, anyway? Are there more “SUPER SPECIAL EDITION DVDs” being released with Jawas digitally inserted into the background of the Cantina taking a dump on Hammerhead’s sandwich and two extra discs documenting the making of C-3PO’s feet?

I propose that next year the United States Postal Service launch a promotional campaign featuring characters from the “Revenge of the Nerds” film franchise. For all the money they’re dumping in the lap of George Lucas, they can get Anthony Edwards as Supernerd Postman for chump change. Then they can commercials where Ogre and the guy who played Marcy Darcy on “Married With Children” unsuccessfully try to thwart his attempts at delivering mail. The promotion writes itself, really.

USPS FUN FACT: The most effective form of mail delivery in the history of the United States was the Pony Express.

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