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Richard Jeni Dead; other stuff

I didn’t end up going to see “The 300”. McLocks, Steve and I showed up at the 5:40 showing and it was sold out. Not wanting to hang around in the mall for an hour, we decided ultimately to just come back here, hang out, and order the TNA Pay-Per-View. What a waste that was. The only highlights were The Great Muta showing up at the beginning of the show (then just having a conversation with Christian where the latter just made racist remarks) and the fans chanting “FIRE RUSSO” during the Sting/Abyss match.

Oh, and during the Team 3D/LAX match, a bunch of Hispanic guys ran to the ring and Mike Tenay screamed out “that’s the Latino Nation!” as if we’re supposed to have any earthly clue who these guys are (they’ve never been on TV). That was then followed by eight African-American dudes running to the ring while Mike Tenay screamed “THAT’S DEVON’S BROTHERS FROM BROOKLYN!”


Well, anyway, yeah. So there you go. The only good match was Joe/Christian, which was probably in the ***1/2 to **** range. It’s worth noting that and Angle/Steiner were the only matches on the card that weren’t gimmicked (special stipulation). Yep.

Richard Jeni is dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Very sad. You never expect it from a comedian, but then again in most cases you never expect it period.

More later…

  1. March 12, 2007 at 4:02 pm

    Good! I’m glad you didn’t see 300!

    (‘cuz i don’t want to see it with crowds but every one went to see it without me already 😦 )

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