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Exclusive NASCAR news, “Breach”, more.

Today was that big NASCAR race! Some guy won it. Then he went “whoa, I’m gonna celebrate this contest where I drive around in circles by driving around in ANOTHER circle! I LOVE THIS SHIT, LET’S TEAR UP SOME GRASS AND GRAB SOME ASS!” Also, some people cried during the National Anthem, because that’s the sort of people who show up to NASCAR events. It was quite the spectacle that I didn’t watch at all and forgot about until I saw a headline on MSNBC.com announcing the winner, whom I’ve never heard of before. I bet it was a great race.

Tonight I went to see “Breach” with my friend Matt, who’s leaving the area for Florida next Saturday. It was good to catch up with him, since we hadn’t hung out in awhile. Hey, here’s a review of “Breach!” You ready?

Analysis: My tastes were not horribly offended.
Mildly recommended.

In all seriousness, it actually wasn’t all that bad. I do need to note that Chris Cooper was fucking FANTASTIC in this film, and I honestly think you should watch this movie (once it’s out on DVD) for his performance alone. The guy’s just brilliant. Ryan Phillipe, on the other hand, is so freaking vanilla it’s painful to watch him. He’s the Rex Grossman of acting – people will recognize his name and he might attain some praise, but realistically he’s not contributing anything other than being present. Director Billy Ray is 2 for 2 as far as directing goes (he also directed the equally passable “Shattered Glass”), but I think it’s time for him to try his hand at something other than a scandal he read about in Newsweek.

Hey, remember when the Adult Swim lineup didn’t fucking blow? Jesus Christ.

More later…

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  1. February 19, 2007 at 1:57 pm

    Seriously, Venture Brothers needs to come back like sexy.

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