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New Custom Mood Theme

I’ve created a new mood theme. I was going to go with just one theme, but decided ultimately to just make a “Marshall Theme.” Pro wrestling, MMA, the Venture Brothers, and a couple other things. Mostly pro wrestling, though. CHECK IT:

ANGRY: (Chuck Liddell, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion)
Also: aggravated, annoyed, bitchy, cranky, cynical, enraged, frustrated, grumpy, infuriated, irate irritated, moody, pissed off, stressed, rushed

AWAKE: (Too Much Coffee Man)

CURIOUS: (Curious George)
Also: Confused

DETERMINED: (Kenta Kobashi, Japanese Professional Wrestler)
Also: predatory, working, accomplished, artistic, busy, creative, productive

DEVIOUS: (Edge, WWE performer)

ENERGETIC: (Bob Sapp, MMA Fighter & Personality)
Also: bouncy, hyper, excited, high, horny, jubilant

ENTHRALLED (Dean Venture, “The Venture Brothers”)
Also: Impressed

HAPPY (“American Dragon” Bryan Danielson, former ROH World Heavyweight Champion)
Also: amused, cheerful, chipper, ecstatic, good, grateful, loved, optimistic, hopeful, pleased, refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed, calm, mellow, peaceful, recumbent, satisfied, content, full, relieved, thankful, touched

SILLY: (Minoru Suzuki, All-Japan Pro Wrestling Triple Crown Champion)
Also: crazy, ditzy, flirty, giddy, giggly, mischievous, naughty, quixotic, weird

INDESCRIBABLE: (Patrick Bateman, “Arrested Development”)

LAZY: (Carlito, WWE Superstar, who is VERY LAZY)
Also: Examinate, apathetic, lethargic, listless, bored.

NERDY: (Comic Book Guy, “The Simpsons”)
Also: dorky, geeky

OKAY: (Bobby Lashley, ECW Champion)
Also: blah, lazy, blank, complacent, indifferent

SAD: (the Crying Indian – those of you who remember my site from High School are going to MARK OUT over this one)
Also: crappy, crushed, depressed, disappointed, discontent, envious, gloomy, pessimistic, jealous, lonely, melancholy, morose, numb, rejected, sympathetic, uncomfortable, cold, dirty, exhausted, drained, guilty, hungry, sick, nauseated, sore, thirsty.

SURPRISED: (Ric Flair)
Also: shocked

TIRED: (a cat sleeping)
Also: groggy, sleepy, exhausted, drained

SCARED: (Billy Quizboy: Boy Genius, “The Venture Brothers”)
Also: anxious, distressed, embarrassed, intimidated, nervous, hot, restless, worried

THOUGHTFUL: (Richard Brautigan, author)
Also: contemplative, nostalgic, pensive

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