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DeGrassi Episode 6.13 – “If You Leave”

This week’s DeGrassi was awful. Awful, awful, awful.

The focus this week was on Manny and Emma. Particularly, Emma being a fucking nutcase about Manny dating the dude from Lakehurst, and the entire school being mean to Lakehurst cheerleaders. God, where do I even begin.

Okay, so Manny breaks the news to Emma that her family may be ready to allow her to move back in. Emma’s pissed because…well, then she can’t judge every little thing Manny does, and Manny can’t watch her sex it up with Sean or something. This then turns into Emma being pissed at Manny because she’s dating the dude from Lakehurst. She starts calling her a traitor, and Sean does not like this kid at all. There’s one scene which could mean something in the near future, where Manny and her boyfriend go on a double date with Emma and Sean at the cafe/burger hut/whatever the fuck it is. Manny’s boyfriend denies for the second time knowing the guy who killed JT, however Mia (JT’s girlfriend at the time of his death and a former Lakehurst student) overheard this and called him out on it. She informed them that he DID INDEED know the kid and insinuated they were pretty friendly. It would explain why JT’s murderer, and the guy with him, knew about the party in the first place. Expect fireworks before the end of the season as far as that little tidbit is concerned.

The other major scene was the Regional Cheerleading event held at DeGrassi. The Lakehurst cheerleaders were competing, and Emma started a “go home Lakehurst” chant, and it was the WORST CHANT EVER. Seriously, there was no rhythym to it whatsoever, and it seemed anything but genuine. This almost led to a blow-out between DeGrassi and Lakehurst students until it was broken up by Principal Bimbo. Snake gave her quite a talking to, which Emma defended saying she still wasn’t over JT’s death.

Meanwhile, Marco suspects Dylan of cheating because he’s going out nearly every night. He intercepts e-mails between Dylan and someone named “Julien.” He assumes the worst and tells this to Spinner and Jimmy. By the way, Spinner and Jimmy’s t-shirt shop is still open, which is odd because I could’ve sworn they decided to shut it down. They’re also doing such great business that they have no customers and spend all day fucking around on a laptop. Anyway, back to Marco. My guess (which I informed Sally of) was that this was going to turn out to be a woman. Marco goes to confront Dylan, and it’s an older man. Marco accuses Dylan of cheating, at which point Dylan reveals that the guy is a scout for a Swiss professional Hockey team. Dylan’s going to take his offer and leave the show, so very soon Marco will be all by his lonesome. Jesus, is anybody staying on this show after this season?

The finale of the episode had Emma bring Manny over to apologize, and said she wanted to show her something. That something was the exact spot where JT died, and she delivered it in dramatic fashion using the absolute worst acting I’ve ever seen that actress use (and there’s a LOT of competition for “worst performance by Emma”). Emma and Manny wake up.

* Somebody please fucking tell me at one point Emma and JT were such good fucking friends.
* Mia. Fucking Mia. First off, her hairstyle is so outdated she might as well be wearing a Duran Duran t-shirt.
* Manny bending over backwards to defend her relationship with the guy from Lakehurst. She’s known him all of a week, and she’s already putting her reputation on the line for him? Jesus.
* This entire episode.

Man. The second half of this season, with the return (and exit) of Cokehead Craig and JT’s murder, was fantastic. I really thought it had turned a corner, but this episode proved me wrong. Oh well.

NEXT EPISODE: No preview, and presumably no new episode next week. The next two episodes of the season comprise a two-parter, so some major shit better be going down with somebody I give a shit about.

NEXT EPISODE IF I WERE WRITING: Towers comes back, and becomes homeboys with Toby (4 real). Manny’s boyfriend reveals in front of the entire school that he invited JT’s murderer to Emma’s party, then further reveals that he’s simply one of his minions. He then transforms into a powerful demon whose fire-breath kills Darcy and Mia. The DeGrassi kids panic, trying to formulate a plan. Toby runs in wearing a labcoat and carrying a clipboard, saying that the only way to defeat the demon would be to jump head-first into his black heart and plant an explosive inside it – unfortunately, whoever does it will perish. Towers volunteers for the greater good and says “Toby, you were my best friend, 4 real.” Then Toby goes “Jesus Christ, anybody I befriend dies.” Towers kills the beast, covering everyone with soot and disheveling their hair. When the smoke clears, Towers stands triumphant and reveals that HE IS A HIGHLANDER. Toby says “awesome, I have a friend that didn’t die.” Towers then reveals that every near-death experience wipes out his memory, looks at Toby and says “who’s this honkey?” POOR TOBY.

More later…

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  1. February 19, 2007 at 1:09 pm

    I haven’t watched Degrassi in a couple of years, but that would easily be the best episode ever.

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