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Thoughts on 1/3rd of the White Trash Holy Trinity, AMC, more

First I direct you to enfarcer‘s post about a run-in with a NASCAR Family at Golden Corral and them taking offense to an assault on what he dubs as the “White Trash Holy Trinity” – NASCAR, country music, and The 700 Club.

I was just thinking about NASCAR the other day. You see, one of my older sisters is a big fan of the sport now. She moved down to Alabama while serving in the military, and subsequently made it her permanent residence once her service concluded. Being around two close friends who were huge NASCAR fans, she became one and gets very excited when she’s up here and there’s a race on. She talks about it quite a bit – not endlessly but close – and tries to get me into whatever race happens to be occurring. She also makes trips to Dayton for some of the races, and the pictures she snaps are fantastic. It’s hard to believe that the people she captures with her digital camera exist outside of bad sketch comedy and professional wrestling gimmicks.

I’ve tried giving NASCAR a chance, I really have. I will give it this – the atmosphere created by NASCAR at their live events is fantastic and comes across television very well. That’s disregarding the Fox Network’s laughable over-production, which is bad with any sport that it airs, but I digress. Anyway, on the occassions where I’ve sat down and tried to watch it with her, I was able to get into it. However, about twenty minutes in, I’m always asking myself “how long is this again?” and falling out of my chair every time I realize that there’s THREE FUCKING HOURS of this.

I’m convinced now that unless you’re in an environment where you’re completely surrounded by NASCAR fans at every turn or raised watching the sport, you can’t get into it. It’s impossible. I’ll go so far as to say that this is a Kevin Marshall Scientifically Proven Fact(tm). I’m sure there’s NASCAR fans reading this who might be into the sport and blast my appreciation of baseball, which is often given the same criticism of being too damn long with very little happening. I’d argue that there’s a little more variance in baseball games (eg. they’re not just turning left for three goddamn hours), but different strokes for different folks.


AMC tonight aired “Open Range,” “The Quick and the Dead,” and “High Plains Drifter” back to back to back tonight. You know, it’s a real goddamn shame that channel has become what it’s become, because otherwise a lineup like that would be AWESOME. Unfortunately they air commercials now, edit the shit out of everything, and most of the films they aired can be barely described as “movies,” let alone “classics.”

I wonder if I should see “Open Range” unedited (though I have a feeling I wouldn’t be missing a terrible lot – if anyone’s seen the original and broadcast version and thinks otherwise, please let me know). I really like that movie, but my problem with Kevin Costner as a director is his hard-on for scenery. He captures it very well, but I feel at times as if Costner was shooting this movie and getting really pissed that there was a plot getting in the way of him shooting rolling hills and clear blue skies. Priorities, Costner!

“The Quick and the Dead” is pretty cheesy, but I always liked it. Especially the nod to Sergio Leone they do with the flashback during the climax of the film. At first the thought crossed my mind that it would’ve been better if it were more an ode to Leone, Peckinpah, and Kurosawa a la Tarantino’s ode to Asian cinema in the two “Kill Bill” films. Unfortunately, I think the Western (as much as I like them) is one of those genres that needs to take itself pretty seriously in order to succeed. Man, I wish film studios made more of them, I really do. I understand American audiences don’t like them anymore, but they tend to do very well overseas. You’d think at least one studio would say to themselves “okay, let’s market this for Europe.” Oh well.


Last night I hung out with Sally, and it was fantastic. We went to Ichiban, and the sushi was wonderful. We came back and watched DeGrassi (review forthcoming, I promise), half an episode of General Hospital (one of Sally’s “stories” which is now in the midst of doing a storyline that’s formatted after “24” and is totally ridiculous), and Match Game. Good times had by all.

I was saying to her last night that I’m convinced this snow is never going away. I was staring out at the four foot banks in front of my house (elevated due to snow drifts and shoveling/snowblowing) and envisioned it still being there in August. I’m convinced that all this snow is going to capture cold that will prevent the temperature from ever rising above 30 degrees, defying laws of nature and keeping that snow there for-freaking-EVER. Now, I don’t mind looking at snow, but it’s starting to look filthy.

Today I stopped by the office to do some peripheral stuff for about twenty minutes and go to a meeting. It was interesting and the hour went by pretty quickly. I passed out on my couch for a few hours and then ordered food (having eaten almost nothing at all today), and now it’s here so LATER.

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