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EXC Tonight: (Frank) SHAMROCK vs. (Renzo) GRACIE!

To those who replied to the earlier meme, questions will be posted tonight; tomorrow afternoon at the latest.

Tonight is the debut of EXC (Elite eXtreme Combat – LAAAAAAAME), which is essentially a one-fight card. Oh wait, “Cabbage” fucking Correira is on there too. Jesus Christ, I hope they give the crowd streamers to throw when his name is announced.

The show starts airing live at 10:00pm on Showtime, with prelim fights airing right now live at EXC’s website RIGHT NOW (started at 7:00pm and running until 10:00pm). Go google it, I’m feeling lazy. Five fights over three hours – boy, that won’t get dull. Come to think of it, the other five fights are supposed to air live on Showtime within the span of two hours, which is going to be a bit of a tight squeeze unless the first four fights end in the 1st round.

The show is headlined by Frank Shamrock taking on Renzo Gracie in a match billed more or less as the grand finale of a great “family feud.” Nevermind the fact that Frank and Ken don’t get along and rarely speak, and that Frank doesn’t really have a big grudge against the Gracies himself. Renzo went undefeated in ’06, beating Carlos Newton and Pat Miletich. Both wins are impressive, but the win over Miletich is especially impressive. Frank Shamrock really hasn’t had quality competition (in my mind anyway) since he fought Tito back in whenever the Hell that fight was. It’s been at least five years. Shamrock does keep himself in good condition though, so we’ll see. I’m just glad he’s finally fighting someone he said he’s going to fight, rather than going on and on for an eternity on his website about how much he wants to fight someone and then never taking any intiative to make it happen (see: Baroni, Phil – and I’ll believe that fight is happening when I see it).

EXC will be using a “circular cage,” the definition of which will only become clearer upon seeing the cage itself. I imagine it’ll resemble the modified Octagon(tm) that UFC uses. The big thing that has MMA fans in a tizzy in terms of the format is the institution of a “15 second” ground rule. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame MMA fans for flipping out initially, because the company didn’t go out of its way to explain the rule and just kept dropping the phrase “15 second ground rule” and upon seeing it I had a very similar reaction. It’s recently been clarified, and it essentially means nothing. If the fighters are on the ground and the referee concludes that they’re not working, they’ll be given a warning and exactly 15 seconds to do something before they’re ordered to stand up. It’s the same as any other damn referee in an MMA match would do, except they put a fancy clock and time limit on it. Perhaps “limit” is the wrong word, since 15 seconds in a fight is a long time to allow guys to lay on the ground AFTER getting a warning for not doing jack shit.

Commentators are listed on the website as Goldberg (yes, the professional wrestler) and fucking Mario Lopez (yes, the Slater). I was absolutely fucking RELIEVED to learn that they’re just the color guys for former Pride play-by-play guy Mauro Ranallo, who from what little I’ve heard is pretty good. I understand that Showtime feels they have to appeal to the casual fans or interested outside observers, but Jesus Christ, a pro wrestler and Slater? Nobody’s going to see those names and take it seriously. I should note that supposedly Lopez is a fan, though that doesn’t automatically make him an expert, so we’ll see. Goldberg is a fan, and on the preview that’s aired over the past week and a half on Showtime came across as pretty knowledgable – enough to provide passable color commentary, anyway. Whether that’s legitimately the case or is due to him being fed lines with clever editing remains to be seen.

Weights courtesy of yesterday’s weigh-in.
Julie Kedzie (141.5) vs. Gina Carano (137)
Charles “Krazy Horse” Bennett (155) vs. KJ Noons (154.5) He’s so crazy HE SPELLS IT WITH A K
Joey Villasenor (184) vs.Dave Loiseau (186)
Wesley “Cabbage” Correria (275) vs. Antonio Silva (298) What a weight difference – and with both at 6’3″ and Cabbage still being tubby the last time I saw him, what the Hell is Anderson Silva eating?
Renzo Gracie (180 lbs.) vs. Frank Shamrock (185 lbs.)

Call me sexist, but I’d rather see anything but a women’s MMA fight on this card. I don’t mean this as an insult to any women fighters since they could probably kick the ever-loving shit out of me, but my experience is that even with the more skilled and tougher women’s boxers I still can’t watch a women’s boxing match and care about it. It also doesn’t help that for some reason I can’t help but feel like the only reason this fight is airing on the Showtime feed is because it’s a women’s fight rather than the potential quality of the fight itself.

So…yeah. This’ll be interesting.

More later…

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