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Work has Sucked; Frank Shamrock vs. Renzo Gracie this Saturday; Pan’s Labyrinth

Fictitious LJ Quote of the Week:
Certain individuals have been very vague, and they might know who they are!

Work has been very busy. Though at the end of the day I’m scratching my head as to exactly what keeps me busy during the day, I’ve come to realize that this week hasn’t been so much about the amount of work as the timing. It’s having three or four things to do simultaneously which, if spread out, wouldn’t be all that bad. Then as soon as you’re done with that juggling act, and things are starting to calm, here come another three or four simultaneous things. I have a really terrible analogy for it, since these problems or tasks aren’t necessarily an emergency – but it’s sort of like having three small fires break out simultaneously, and you have to put all of them out as soon as possible which results in taking longer to put them out than you would on an individual basis. Make sense? Probably not, because it doesn’t to me either. I’ve been posting brief updates to the LJ just to keep myself sane, because nothing says tranquility like “Anna Nicole Smith dead at 39.”

Yeah, I know, I’m awful. It’s going to be a long day at work tomorrow being the only person in the office, but it’s a Friday so hooray.

I finished up the last episodes of Deadwood Season 2 on DVD last night. What a great, great series, and it’s wonderful to just get into a show like that and not have to wait a week between episodes and a whole year between seasons. Unfortunately, Season 3 doesn’t come out until late May (rumored release date), so I’ll be tapping the veins for a couple months.

This Saturday is the EXC show on Showtime, headlined by Frank Shamrock (the younger brother of Ken) vs. Renzo Gracie (the younger brother of Royce). For those unfamiliar, both have provided more entertaining fights (in my opinion anyway) than their respective older siblings. That’s not to say this is guaranteed to be a good fight, since I haven’t seen either of them fight in fucking FOREVER. The card starts at 10:00pm. Anyone interested in watching, I have Showtime at my place and I might have a couple people over. If you’re interested, drop me a line through whatever means you see fit.

No DeGrassi review from last Friday, but with no new episode this week (damnit!), I’ll use that opportunity to go over the shenanigans. In summary, Liberty’s still annoying.

A movie review is long overdue.

Pan’s Labyrinth
I wasn’t nearly impressed by it as the critics were. I felt like the darker tone served more as a replacement for an interesting story rather than an enhancement, and I thought the pacing of the film was terrible. Particularly the parts dealing with the little girl’s time spent at the Captain’s residence, which became so tedious that I found myself waiting for the fantasy element to re-introduce itself just so we can get past the cheap melodrama, then being disappointed by the brevity and/or inertness of those scenes. It was sort of like watching two snails fucking in molasses and waiting for a money shot that you know you’ll be disappointed in seeing.

The attempt to create a 21st Century adult fairy tale with socio-political overtones a la Lewis Caroll is admirable, I guess…if not wholly necessary. I think Guillermo is a good hand at directing, and I got what he was trying to do as well as all the symbolism inherent in both the fantasy scenes (which while sounding like an empty-headed critique there REALLY should have been more of) and those based in the setting of the Spanish Civil War. Additionally, I found that almost all of the major plot developments were entirely too predictable. You can chalk that up to it being an “adult fairy tale,” but there’s a fine line between using the defense of a film’s format and having a built-in excuse for its shortcomings.

I’ll be the first to admit that I may be overly critical of the film because of all the hype it got from the press, the internet, and various people I knew. To be much kinder to the film and its director than I have been previously – I got what he was trying to do, I just didn’t find any of it terribly interesting.

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