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What I Did On My Weekend Which Isn’t A Three-Day Weekend

Alright, so what’d I do this weekend? GLAD YOU (didn’t) ASK!

Work was absolutely dead, much to the surprise of both myself and my supervisor. Well it seemed that way anyway, but we were open for a longer period of time, so closing took longer and I had to start it an hour later than usual. Came home and ate leftover Chinese for dinner, then just bummed around. Watched an episode of Rome. I read a little and listened to new music I picked up based on recommendations from an earlier entry and other stuff I came across upon doing some…research, I guess…and realized I really need an iPod. Since nobody I know has the money, it’s going to end up being one of those presents I buy for myself (my birthday’s coming up). I need to be able to listen to music without sitting in front of this damn thing.

Oh, the new music:
Dead Prez – “Revolutionary But Gangsta” I’m about halfway through it, and really enjoy what I hear so far. They’re not quite as clever or insightful with their socio-political commentary as they and their fans want to believe, but that could be said for pretty much every musical artist who attempts to make a socio-political statement. Like Jurassic 5 and The Roots, they’re able to criticize the dreck of mainstream hip-hop without coming across as bitter or jealous. It’s a precarious line, and they walk it well. They also have some of the more interesting beats you’ll come across. Not the best, but certainly interesting.
Ray LaMontagne – “Til the Sun Turns Black” It’s an album that I KNOW I need to give a full spin just listening to and not doing anything else, which is why I REALLY need an iPod. That’s not an open invitation for any of you to buy me one, and if you do I will call Samoa Joe and he will kill you (he does that sort of thing). He does the whole contemporary soft-voiced Cat Stevens-ish singer-songwriter stuff without boring me to death, which is very hard to do. His voice is distinct yet familiar, in that it’s fantastic and you want to pinpoint a classic rock singer to compare him to, but nobody comes to mind immediately. Some songs he can sound a lot like Cocker, but it certainly doesn’t come across as if he’s artificially invoking it. “Can I Stay” almost brought a freaking tear to my eye, and “Three More Days” will get your head moving.
The Decemberists – “The Crane Wife” I’ve been meaning to get this album for SUCH a long time, and it finally occurred to me to do so while I was buying music. chaoset remarked that it’s a lot more prog than their previous albums, and boy, is it ever. That could be a bad thing, but they’re good enough to pull it off. I’m about halfway through the spin and enjoying it immensely. They’ve managed to find a fuller sound without losing what made them great, which is no easy task.
Twilight Singers – “Powder Burns” Man, what a fantastic album. Greg Dulli (formerly of the Afghan Wigs) is able to make it sound relevant while channeling some of the better aspects of the “alternative” era, and the results are astounding. It’s definitely not going to be for everyone, and I have a feeling it’s one of those albums whose enjoyment will put me in the minority amongst friends of mine who choose to listen to it. I only have one minor complaint, which is the “love pop” references made in “Forty Dollars” that come across as cheap and unnecessary to the point of inducing groans from this particular listener. That’s about all I can find wrong with it, though I’m sure the more pretentious listener (Pitchfork) can find much more to bitch about.
Scott Walker – “The Drift” A recommendation specifically from chaoset. Holy shit. Strangely mind-blowing. It’s going to test any listener who comes across it, and the listener’s going to take part in the experiment. Unlike other albums that “test” the listener, however, you feel more like you’re partaking in the experiment rather than being the artist’s guinea pig. chaoset also was kind enough to give me a sampling of Walker’s other works, particularly from “Five Easy Pieces” and “Sings Jacques Brel,” the latter of which is Walker covering the works of Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel (fuckin’ duh).

Keep ’em coming, guys.

Slept in a little and hung out. Made a few necessary phone calls. Ed and I went over to visit Mel Nasty and her dogs, Hayden (who I now exclusively refer to as “Oldie” because he’s so old and I’m so clever) and Boozer. She also has two cats, and whenever someone enters her house it’s like a fire in a petting zoo with animals darting out in all different directions. Boozer is still adorable and fine once you’re able to lay down the law with him (just yell at him forcefully once or twice), but man, has that poor pup ever become ill-behaved. At one point he stood on Mel’s coffee table on all fours, and looked around as if he didn’t understand why his mother was raising such a fuss.

From there, we went to visit Sally. Unfortunately someone was there who I became annoyed with after hearing about a few instances of name-dropping. Normally I don’t care, but considering I never even had a conversation with her, I find it irritating to say the least. Especially when she mentioned something about me being in AA to a friend of mine, which she can only know about through eavesdropping on others’ conversations. Not that it’s a private thing, since I’m public with it, but that’s just fucking weird. Note, if you’re reading – knowing other people that know me doesn’t mean we’re friends or I have any idea who you are when you answer my friend’s phone. I’m sorry that reads so harsh, but it’s true. I’m sure she means well, but damn. Anyway, we just hung out for a bit and gabbed it up with Sally. Pictures were taken, because it’s Sally and she loves her some pictures.

From there I headed home and bummed around a lot. Watched another episode of “Rome,” of course. I then ended up staying online until a ridiculous hour.

Got up and watched yet another episode of “Rome.” It sounds like I spent a lot of time on it this weekend, but I barely got through one disc. I had people over for the TNA Turning Point pay-per-view, which I’ll post a review of tomorrow. Or not. Long story short, it had its faults, but was still much more entertaining and worthwhile than any WWE pay-per-view put out in the last year.

And now, I’m here. Huzzah.

I get to sleep in tomorrow, but still have to work. I’m getting paid for the time I work and holiday time, which means 15 hours of pay for 7 hours of work. I’m not complaining too much. Of course, being able to sleep in an hour late means I stay up three hours later than I should. Welcome to KevMath.

More later…

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  1. January 15, 2007 at 3:30 pm

    Five Easy Pieces is actually a 5 disc, 93 song retrospective of sorts. Also, let me know what you think of “Deadlier Than the Male” and if it reminds you of anything.

  2. Anonymous
    January 19, 2007 at 6:07 pm


    How was the Triple Threat main event (Sting vs. Christian vs. Abyss) from Sunday’s PPV? Also, is it just me, or has Jeff Jarrett sort of fallen off the face of the planet? Not that I really mind, of course, but just wondering if you had heard anything.

    Happy Friday, Marshall! 🙂


  3. January 20, 2007 at 8:43 pm

    I love Ray LaMontague, although I’ve never listened to a full disc. Maby I should…

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