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UFC 66 Tonight; Part 3 Delay

As you can tell, no Part 3 for the 2nd Annual Marshall Pro Wrestling Awards. They’ll be posted tomorrow or Monday. Too much laundry/cleaning/visiting/other stuff to do, and tonight is UFC 66 at my place.

The (televised) live card from Las Vegas:

Michael Bisping vs. Eric Schaefer – Bisping’s first fight in what, over a year? I’m pretty sure the last fight was for TUF 3. Now that he’s not injured and has his work visa cleared up (which is most likely no fault of his own as I know that several Mexican wrestlers in the past have run into trouble with that despite taking precautions and trying to take care of it in advance), he fights Schaefer. UFC wants him to carry the banner for them when they start doing shows in England. We’ll see.
Jason MacDonald vs. Chris Leben – I’m pulling for MacDonald, just because I hate Leben. Don’t ask me why.
Keith Jardine vs. Forrest Griffin – Should be a decent fight. After this he could be in line for a title shot unless new UFC acquisition Quinton Jackson is put in line first, which will really tell the story of how good Griffin really is. Many argued back in April that he should’ve won the decision against Ortiz, but it wasn’t as clear-cut as many make it out to be and right now Ortiz, though in his prime probably one of the best MMA fighters of all time, is ridiculously overrated.
Andrei Arlovski vs. Marcio Cruz – Arlovski’s a heavy favorite but is in a lot of trouble with Cruz, who ain’t bad on the ground. Also, if he can connect with a punch – any punch – Arlovski’s chin won’t hold up (if the past is any indication).
UFC Light Heavyweight World Championship: Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz – To say this will be a better fight than Ortiz/Shamrock will be the understatement of the century (note – the century’s still only six years old). I really don’t expect Ortiz to win this, because a.) he’s probably not at the level he was when Liddell first beat him and b.) Ortiz (as much as I like him) is a fucking idiot.

Also tonight, Mirko Cro Cop will be brought out and introduced to the live crowd, and his first opponent (probably some no-name guy) might be announced. Tim Sylvia is FUUUUUUUCKED.

More later…

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