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Jack & Jill Went Up a Hill to Fetch a Pail of ENGAGED, Christmas Presents I Buy For Myself, and more

Christmas is over!

My father took a turn for the worse today, and didn’t take to the most recent attempt at being weened off the vent. This came a day after he was looking better physically and had better coloring, even if there were not outward signs that he was in store for a dramatic improvement. Still hoping for the best.

In much better news, my brother proposed to his girlfriend Jill and she said yes. So I’m going to have another sister-in-law. My brother called me on my cell right as I was getting into my sister’s to tell me she said yes (even though I’ve known he was going to ask since Thanksgiving). At one point he asked if I was ready to be best man, but nothing further was discussed because it was one of those statements where I didn’t even realize he had said it until after I had hung up the phone (if that makes any sense). I’m going to lobby heavily for everyone involved in the wedding to have their own theme music, and I want to cut a heel promo in the worst way. Congratulations to Jack and Jill. Yes, Jack and Jill. (Matt) Hardy (will not die!) har har.

What I Got For Christmast Because You Give a Shit:
* Socks
* Underwear
* A polo shirt
* Slacks
* A picture of Babe Ruth and Yogi Berra taken while Yogi was still an active player signed by Yogi himself.

That last one I actually got almost two weeks ago in the mail from my sister Bridget. I might have mentioned it before, but with everything that’s going on I can’t recall to save my life. I still have to get it framed, which I fully intended on doing when I went out shopping last week but completely forgot in the midst of picking up presents for the nieces. I have a tendency to do that.

I also bought myself a lot of presents over the past week, because I can:
* ROH DVD: Honor Reclaims Boston (11/3/06). Features Samoa Joe, BJ Whitmer, & Homicide taking on The Briscoes & Steve Corino, as well as “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson defending the ROH World Title against Delirious.
* ROH DVD: The Bitter End (11/4/06). The Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli) defend the ROH World Tag Team Titles against Austin Aries & Roderick Strong in a rematch from “Glory By Honor V Night 2,” KENTA takes on Matt Sydal, and Homicide goes one-on-one with Steve Corino in a “Fight Without Honor” to finally end their on-and-off feud.
* ROH DVD: Final Battle 2005. From December of last year. Headlined by Bryan Danielson defending the ROH World Title against Naomichi Marufuji and KENTA defending the GHC Jr. Heavyweight Title against Low Ki.
* HEROES OF WORLD CLASS (DVD): A documentary chronicling the historic rise of World Class headlined by the famous Von Erich siblings. For those unfamiliar, the tale of the Von Erichs is way too involved and screwed up to get into here. For anyone who thinks their family is dysfunctional, throwing it up in comparison to the Von Erichs will make you feel much better.
* A 13-issue subscription to Dave Meltzer’s “Wrestling Observer”.

I spoil myself. So sue me.

Tonight Steve came over and we watched RAW’s “Tribute to the Troops.” It seems like a great gesture until you catch a couple glimpses of Vince McMahon in an obviously planned low-angle shot standing triumphantly in front of an American flag, at which point his true motivations shine through. Still, I enjoy the annual show, especially because they don’t do any forward progressive angles and just focus on telling stories in the ring during matches. I strongly believe that a midling North American indy promotion could get a lot of attention by focusing primarily on the wrestling and doing little to no angles outside of it (as long as it isn’t a shitty spot-fest). While the practice would’ve seemed old-fashioned seven or eight years ago it now seems so new and refreshing in an era so overbooked it’s scary.

I have absolutely zero desire to go to work tomorrow. I passed out on my couch at 5:00pm and woke up at about 8:15pm, and now I’m wide awake. Tomorrow’s going to be a LONNNNNG day. Here’s hoping they feel generous again on Friday and let us out at noon like they did last Friday. Somehow I doubt that’s happening, though.

More later…

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  1. December 26, 2006 at 8:19 am

    True story:

    Friend of a friend got married… gotta be close to 7 years ago. The bride and her mother planned it down to the last detail. Except that the last detail was that Tim got his own theme music. Which was, of course, the theme to “Monday Night Football”. Are you ready for some matrimonial celibacy?

    • December 26, 2006 at 1:14 pm

      Are we talking orchestrated or Hank Williams, Jr.? Because if the latter, I think that’d be reason for MORE sex. Until all his rowdy friends started comin’ over.

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